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University Calendar

Our statutes and regulations
The University Calendar details the key statutes and regulations under which the University operates and the Senate resolutions relating to courses in each faculty and university school.

Information about senior personnel, including faculty and University school leadership, is accessible below. 

In addition to these office holders, as stipulated in the University of Sydney Act 1989, the Governor is the Visitor of the University but has ceremonial functions only. This role is currently filled by:

Her Excellency the Honourable Justice Margaret Beazley AO QC
LLB HonLLD Sydney

In addition to the various policies and procedures approved by the Academic Board, the Academic Board also approves certain standards and develops guidelines in a range of areas.

Admissions Standards

The Coursework Policy 2014 makes reference to the following admissions criteria, which may be faculty-specific but which must be approved by the Academic Board:

Higher Degrees by Research

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to Higher Degrees by Research and also develops guidelines in this area as set out below:

Teaching and Curriculum

The Academic Board has authority to approve a range of matters related to teaching and curriculum issues, as listed below:

Grade Descriptors

The Academic Board Guideline – Grade Descriptors (pdf, 45KB) lists the various codes that are in use or have historically been used for student results. The Flexsis grades provided were in use until 31 December 2014.