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Comparative and International Education Research Network

Advancing research in contemporary global education issues
We bring together academics and students exploring globalisation, internationalisation, citizenship, identities, aid and international development relating to education.

About us

The Comparative and International Education Research Network (CoInEd) was co-founded in 2014 by Dr Alexandra McCormick and Dr Arathi Sriprakash. The network uses innovative methodologies in cross-cultural research, critical policy studies, critical discourse analysis, and postcolonial critique to investigate issues relating to education. We provide a collaborative space for research partnerships, encourage interdisciplinary connections and hold joint activities.

Our work represents a wide geopolitical reach encompassing nations Asia and the Pacific – including Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vanuatu – as well as Afghanistan, Brazil, Canada, England, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Switzerland.

We have strong ties to other Australian and international research institutions. Our members engage in pragmatic and policy-oriented work, including building partnerships with numerous government and non-government agencies. We investigate the effects of policy in practice and the practicalities of cross-cultural education.

Our aims

The network has three main aims:

  • advancing research and collaborations addressing contemporary education issues within Australia that are influenced by a range of external drivers
  • exploring how, in times of rapidly shifting domestic politics, principles of equity and social justice in education are shaped within Australian social policy
  • understanding issues of diversity and disadvantage with a focus on ethnicity, gender, geographic isolation, poverty and Aboriginality.

Our people

The network comprises a number of academics from the University of Sydney School of Education and Social Work, as well as external academics and higher degree research students.

Our events

Comparative and International Education Research Network Forum

1 June 2018

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Nigel Bagnall, the University of Sydney

Placing the spotlight on digital education aid

30 March 2017

Demonstrating how digital education aids can reproduce rather than reduce educational inequalities in low-income countries.

Keynote speaker: Dr Donella Cobb, The University of Waikato, New Zealand

White out: Defending white dominance in the US and beyond

12 April 2017

Unpacking changing white identity and the defence of whiteness in higher education and American society, along with equity advocacy for Asian Australians and Asian Americans.

Keynote speakers: Associate Professor Alexander Jun, Azusa Pacific University, US; Associate Professor Christopher Collins, Azusa Pacific University, US

The dragon's will: The role of valuing and values education in the mathematics achievement of students in some East Asian countries

10 May 2017

Contending that the primary reason for mathematical prowess in East Asian students is the cultural inculcation that impels them to value achievement and nurture the will to excel. 

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah, The University of Melbourne

Universities flex their muscles: Educational travel and international expertise in the 1920s

7 June 2017

Discussing the rise of international expertise within American universities and colleges in the 1920s and its relationship to the expanding networks of diplomacy, capital and conquest.

Keynote speaker: Dr Tamson Pietsch, University of Technology, Sydney

Measuring school quality in the United States: Past, present, future

6 July 2017

Exploring how to produce a broader and more diverse range of information about schools (beyond standardised test scores), a model that may be adopted in the US.

Keynote speaker: Assistant Professor Jack Schneider, College of the Holy Cross, US

Understanding health and nutrition issues in urban school environments in Indonesia

3 August 2017

Analysing food and nutrition signs/texts around two Indonesian school communities to judge impact on school-age children who need to learn about good food and nutrition.

Keynote speaker: Professor Lesley Harbon, University of Technology Sydney

The Catholic closet: An international comparative study of resistance to homophobia in Catholic schools

4 August 2017

Revealing previously under-reported data about effective ways to resist homophobia and transphobia in Catholic schools, and empowering sexual and gender minorities.

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Tonya Callaghan, University of Calgary, Canada


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