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Raymond Seidler Postgraduate Research Scholarship

A unique opportunity is available for an outstanding PhD scholar to conduct research into the mental health of general practitioners.
In partnership with the University of Sydney, The Raymond Seidler PhD Scholarship will focus on improving the mental health of doctors in Australia.

The scholarship has been devised by family of the late Dr Raymond Seidler, through extensive planning with experts including Brain and Mind Centre's Co-director Professor Ian Hickie.

The nature of the work that doctors and medical students are involved in is stressful and demanding, often impacting on their own mental health and wellbeing. Research has highlighted high rates of suicide, depression, anxiety, substance misuse and self-medication within the profession. The stigma surrounding health professionals seeking help for mental health disorders is a significant barrier, along with a lack of discreet access to these services. It is clear that much more needs to be done to address these barriers.

A recent editorial by a young doctor in training sums up the current situation:

“It is time for the medical profession to look deep inside itself and fix the cancer that has been growing for far too long. If they don't, the cost is simply too high.”

The Raymond Seidler PhD Scholarship will support a full-time student to undertake a 3-4 year project, commencing in 2019, with an aim to break down the barriers preventing doctors from receiving the support they need. It will endeavour to translate these findings into actionable change within the medical community. 

This Scholarship is offered subject to the applicant having an unconditional offer of admission or being currently enrolled in a PhD at the Sydney Medical School at the University of Sydney.

Applicants must hold an undergraduate degree in medicine or related field and must demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in mental health.

See the Scholarship page for full details and to apply.