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How the Inspired by Business program can support your Bachelor of Commerce studies

17 August 2021
Developing tomorrow's business leaders
Former Inspired by Business scholarship recipient Dane Luo shares how the program opened up a world of personal and professional development.

The Inspired by Business program is just one of many pathways to studying at the Business School. This program supports domestic students in NSW from low socio-economic backgrounds, who are enrolling in the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies via the Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme.

Successful applicants will receive a $10,000 per year scholarship, as well as financial support from second year to study and work overseas, an Inspired by Business program mentor, and personalised career planning opportunities from the Business School’s Careers and Employability Office

Hear what Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws student Dane Luo has to say about the support he received during his studies through the Inspired by Business scholarship.

What was the application process like for the Inspired by Business program?

Dane Luo

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and Bachelor of Laws student Dane Luo

I initially applied for the E12 Scheme as I was interested in studying a Commerce degree at university. I was informed that my application answers placed me on the shortlist for the Inspired by Business scholarship to my great surprise.

During my interview I was asked six questions, including what I did in high school, any community activities and volunteering I participated in, as well as what I wanted to do in the future. A few weeks later, I received a phone call informing me that I was successfully granted the scholarship.

What was the most beneficial part of Inspired by Business?

The mentoring component of the program was the most beneficial aspect that supported me throughout university. The one-on-one weekly meetings with my mentor were really valuable for someone like me, who was the only student from my high school at the University in my first year.

With my mentor, we discussed almost everything. From clubs and societies on campus, study tips, and the best places to eat, to the overall structure of units and courses, finding places on campus, and our experiences on placements and exchange.

My mentor and I had regular sessions to go through my studies, which allowed me to stay on track.
Dane Luo

How did the Inspired by Business program help your studies?

The Inspired by Business program had made an incredible difference to my studies. University can be quite different from high school and costs begin to accumulate with food, textbooks, and accommodation. 

Having the financial support from the Inspired by Business scholarship ensured that I could focus on my studies and participate in activities at university, without having to worry about the financial burden. 

Past Inspired by Business students Nick, Christine and Brian explain how the program enhanced their studies and careers.

What opportunities were you able to experience through the program?

This program had helped me apply for the Industry Placement Program, where I was able to travel to Washington DC and intern for a Congressman in the US House of Representatives. 

The Inspired by Business coordinator helped me apply for the Industry Placement Program by suggesting ways to improve my CV and interview skills, and assisted in connecting me with a staff member to plan out my degree progression, so that I could participate in the program without affecting pre-requisite units that needed to be completed early in my studies.

Dane Luo in front of the United States Capitol building

Dane Luo in Washington DC for the Industry Placement Program

How has the Bachelor of Commerce degree helped prepare you for your career?

The skills of listening and leading have been the most important things that I learnt and developed at University.
Dane Luo

My Bachelor of Commerce degree helped me see and value different perspectives, and be able to offer insightful, helpful and constructive critiques to ideas and concepts.

I never thought how useful and important it is to cherish different perspectives, embrace the challenge of achieving consensus, and understand that no single person has all the right answers.

The Bachelor of Commerce has equipped me with the opportunity to work as an Academic Tutor in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney, and a Paralegal at the NSW Crown Solicitor's Office. I am excited to serve in both these roles whilst I complete my studies and use both my degrees in the future.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about applying for the Inspired by Business Program?

I highly recommend applying for the Inspired by Business program. Not only is it a scholarship but it is a life-changing and supportive opportunity.

When I applied, I thought that the financial incentive and lower ATAR requirement would be most helpful. But it was the one-on-one mentoring that got me through the first year of university, which can be a gigantic leap from high school.

By setting me on the right trajectory from first year, I was able to continue excelling in my later years.
Dane Luo

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