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Business subjects that will take you to Southeast Asia in 2023

27 July 2022
Earn credit towards your degree while studying overseas

Want to solve real-world business challenges with social enterprises in South-East Asia? Learn more about the Business School’s exciting overseas study opportunities.

Our study tours and immersion programs will give you the opportunity to develop your skills by working on real-world business projects overseas while earning credit towards your degree.

In 2023, the Business School is offering students the opportunity to travel to the Philippines and Vietnam to solve a problem identified by the project partners as crucial to their organisations' long-term sustainability.

Under the New Colombo Plan (NCP), eligible students will be provided with financial assistance to undertake studies overseas. This funding opportunity is offered in partnership with the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan to lift engagement in the Indo-Pacific region.

Making a positive impact in the Philippines

The Philippines Study Tour allows you to undertake a cultural and responsible business immersion experience in the Philippines, one of Southeast Asia’s fastest emerging markets.

In this unique program resuming in 2023, you will spend two weeks in the Philippines meeting changemakers who are committed to making a positive impact on community well-being, economics, social reform, and policy. You will be fully supported for the duration of the program by an academic from the Business School.

"The Philippines Study Tour is one of the Business School’s most exciting mobility opportunities. It pushes students to think beyond their comfort zones and challenges them to develop solutions to business problems that are creative, innovative, and low (or even zero) cost," says Unit of Study Coordinator Dr Steven Hitchcock.

Undergraduate domestic students are eligible to apply for financial assistance under the New Colombo Plan Mobility Program to support their studies within the Philippines Study Tour.

Additional partial scholarships are also available for eligible equity pathway students, Dalyell Scholars (Dalyell Global Mobility Scholarship) and students not eligible for NCP funding.

James Wu
James Wu, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws
"Seeing the real and practical differences that some of the social enterprises made during the Philippines Study Tour has encouraged me to think about the role of business and the difference it can really make."
Philippines Study Tour

Scaling social enterprises in Vietnam

The Remote and Rural Enterprise (RARE) Program unit of study IBUS3106: International Business Special Project provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to travel to Hanoi and work alongside a Vietnamese social enterprise. In this program, you will develop an actionable plan for how the business can scale their activities and enhance their impact.

In this intensive unit of study you will spend two weeks working in cross-faculty teams to understand social entrepreneurship in the Vietnamese context. You will participate in an action research project as part of a team, that will involve conversations with the entrepreneur and other stakeholders, meetings with industry professionals, and attendance at lectures and workshops both in Sydney and Hanoi.

Successful students will be offered a $3,000 scholarship from the New Colombo Mobility Program to support their travel and accommodation in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Peter Trani
Peter Trani, Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies
"The RARE program in Vietnam acted as my entry point into the world of social impact and has inspired me to pursue a career where I can improve the lives of individuals, communities and the world as a whole."
RARE Program

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