06 November 2023

AI chatbots are coming to your workplace but are not necessarily coming for your job

Don't think of your AI chatbot as an omniscient artificial brain, but as a gifted graduate student assigned to be your personal work assistant, write Professor Kai Riemer and Dr Sandra Peter.
06 November 2023

Toll Review Public Hearing Presentation

This is the presentation given to the NSW Toll Review Public Hearing on 11 July 2023 by Professor Martin Locke. In preparation the discussion paper, summary of work completed and the submissions from TfNSW, Transurban and IPA to last year’s inquiry, were reviewed.
30 October 2023

Industry placement program leads to successful placements for Business students

Four students recount their journey to employability via the Industry Placement Program, offering insights into how they gained practical experience at leading firms while earning credits towards their degrees.
26 October 2023

Facing up to AI

It is hard to know all the changes artificial intelligence (AI) will bring to the world, but they'll no doubt be dramatic. The enormity of it all means AI can seem cold and intimidating, but that might change when it has a human-like face.
24 October 2023

Meet the 2023 Alumni Award winners

Each year, the University of Sydney awards six Alumni Achievement Awards to alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contributions to their communities.
24 October 2023

Meet the 2023 Graduate Medallists

Each year, the University of Sydney awards six Graduate Medals to our newest alumni in recognition of their achievements in a number of categories. The awards celebrate the recipients visionary leadership, excellence, dedication and commitment to their field.
19 October 2023

Housing now the highest priority for Australians

Half of Australians now consider housing our biggest national priority, according to the latest report from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) at the University of Sydney Business School.
17 October 2023

Sydney Genesis welcomes sponsor Wellness Access Institute

The Wellness Access Institute sponsorship of the Sydney Genesis program is a full circle moment.
12 October 2023

Emerging labour market requires new regulation

New protections are needed to account for the emergence of the gig economy and the rise of labour hire operators, and to allow these new and evolving forms of business to maintain their social licence to operate, writes Associate Professor Chris F Wright in his submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee Inquiry on the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill 2023.
09 October 2023

Your car is watching you. The implications are profound and immediate

The rapid rise of smart vehicles has brought to the fore the often-overlooked issue of privacy breaches by car manufacturers, writes Professor Uri Gal from the University of Sydney Business School in The Canberra Times.