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Graduation 2020

Congratulations to our #USYDclassof2020!
Celebrate and share your impressive graduation milestone with your family and friends.

Share your graduation moment

⁣If you’re part of #USYDclassof2020, tap the smiley on our Instagram profile and immerse yourself in a virtual graduation experience. Be sure to tag @sydney_uni and #USYDclassof2020 to be reposted. 

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Life after graduation

Whether you are kicking on with postgraduate study or off to make your mark on the world, as a graduate you’ll forever be a part of the University community. Don't forget that the Career Services team are available to help you with your career goals.

Don’t be a stranger – keep your details up to date so we can continue to stay in touch and let you know about the latest alumni news, events and benefits. You can also connect with us on Linkedin.

Alumni stories

Facts & figures

  • 350,000 alumni worldwide
  • 350 USYD gown variations
  • 1912 When the tradition of throwing graduation headgear started.
  • 'Alumni' From the Latin word ‘alere’, then ‘alumnus’ which was Roman for foster child. Around the 17th century it took on the meaning we use today.
  • Alumnus or alumna? A male graduate and a female graduate respectively.
  • Graduand Someone who passed their exams but hasn't officially graduated yet.
  • Mortarboard It looks like the board that bricklayers use to hold the mortar. Its real name is a trencher cap.