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Bachelor of Social Work

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the Bachelor of Social Work, students will be able to:

No. Course learning outcome
1 Critically and constructively reflect upon professional practice in social work that makes a positive contribution to a more socially just society.
2 Synthesise and apply relevant knowledge from more than one discipline to professional practice in social work.
3 Critically and creatively enact practice in social work that responds to, and informs theory, policy and research.
4 Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development by undertaking research into practice that contributes to positive individual and social change.
5 Critically apply inclusive ways of knowing, being and doing that respect and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians; acknowledging the enduring values and cultures that enrich current Australian society.
6 Critically analyse and evaluate how disciplines construct meaning and produce claims of validity.
7 Demonstrate skills in sourcing information and interpreting challenging contexts to communicate complex ideas to diverse audiences.
8 Work professionally in complex and dynamic social work environments with others, appreciating and embracing the strengths, interests, and motivations of difference.