09 September 2015

Myth: Increasing Housing Supply Leads to More Affordable Homes

This was part of the series of public events coordinated by the Festival of Urbanism. It was titled "Myth: Increasing Housing Supply Leads to More Affordable Homes" and was delivered by Professor Laurence Murphy from the University of Auckland.
12 June 2015

Creative Spaces and the Built Environment

Australia’s cities have shifted from centres of manufacturing and industry to the drivers of a globalised economy fueled by knowledge, creativity and innovation

01 April 2015

Urban Governance and Housing Seminar

This forum explores how two nations with shared traditions but very different systems of urban governance and planning mediate the supply of new housing, and the roles played by government, planning authorities, developers, property owners and the public in this process.

23 April 2015

I Wouldn't Start From Here

The NSW government is about to spend a significant amount of money on transport in Sydney. Will it deliver the Sydney we need? Dr Tim Williams gives an overview and answers questions from our panel of transport planning professionals.

01 August 2016

The Festival of Urbanism: City Limits

In a city undergoing rapid growth, constrained by its unique geography and until recently limited infrastructure investment, its residents are experiencing a number of issues, ranging from traffic congestion, crowded public facilities, anxiety about increasing densities, the challenges of climate change and pressures on open space.
16 August 2016

Metropolitan Planning and Governance

The city wide approach to metropolitan planning has a long history in North America. One of the key exemplars of this approach is Portland, Oregon.
30 November 2016

The Central Sydney Planning Strategy

The draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy 2012-2036 revises previous planning controls and attempts to deliver on the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 program.
09 June 2016

Value Capture: Opportunities and Risks

Everyone is talking about Value Capture. But what is it, how might and work and how could it help fund the things that would make our cities better places?
27 October 2016

Towards a New Generation of Metropolitan Innovation Strategies?

We won’t build tomorrow’s urbanisation just by pouring more capital in XXIst century style modernist cities and CBD’s...
25 October 2016

Women’s Travel North and South: Changing Societal Trends and the Travel Patterns

Women across the world have remarkably and persistently different travel patterns than comparable men. Governmental policies often fail to recognize or respond appropriately, sometimes making gender differences worse, especially in the Global South.