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Articles published in 2016

01 December 2016

Meet our researchers: Professor Adrian Bauman

Chronic disease prevention has been a key project for Professor Bauman for the past 30 years at the University of Sydney.

01 December 2016

The top challenges facing multicultural Australia

The world needs cultural experts to progress from theorising about multiculturalism to active facilitation of dialogue, Dr Betina Szkudlarek tells a University of Sydney Business School conference. 

30 November 2016

Students make $750 drug cheaply with Open Source Malaria team

Sydney Grammar students under University guidance have shown how simple it is to make a version of the life-saving medicine Daraprim, whose price was the subject of controversy last year when it jumped more than 5000 percent.

30 November 2016

Mentorship: how to build a business

Driven to start her own fashion company, Elena Biancardi moved from Italy to Sydney to study innovation and entrepreneurship. With guidance from her alumni mentor, she’s now taken her business to the next level.

30 November 2016

New book reveals 150 years of Sydney’s quarantine history

A new book with University of Sydney authors has revealed the sandstone engravings of those who found themselves detained at Sydney’s Quarantine Station during its 150-year history.

30 November 2016

Sports that will save your life revealed: new research

Racquet ball games, swimming and aerobics were found to be most protective against death from cardiovascular causes. 

30 November 2016

Employability skills: 6 ways to get a job and keep it

These days, more than ever, having a university education isn't the only thing that'll land you your dream job. We spoke to employers to get their top tips on the employability skills you should have.

29 November 2016

The Sydney entrepreneur behind the famous face

Many Australians would know her face from the $20 note, but may know less about Mary Reibey’s story – the single mother of seven children who became a legendary businesswoman in Sydney during the 1800s.

28 November 2016

Charles Perkins Centre seeks its next Writer in Residence

Stella Prize-winning author Charlotte Wood is calling for Australia's most talented writers to seize unexpected creative opportunities by applying for the 2017 Charles Perkins Centre Writer in Residence Fellowship.

27 November 2016

Landmark Chew and Spit study underway

A review of Chew and Spit research revealed a lack of information about the disordered eating phenomenon – prompting research now underway – to help develop treatments and answer questions about wide-reaching consequences.

25 November 2016

Does pressure to be a 'real man' lead to violence against women?

There is growing evidence that violence against women may be the result of society’s traditional beliefs about what it means to be a “real man”.

25 November 2016

Atomic blueprint device: a winner

Dr Peter Liddicoat, a recipient of AMP Tomorrow funds and PhD graduate of Materials Engineering, has developed a new microscope that can unravel the ‘DNA’ of inorganic materials. 

24 November 2016

Trump: Tragedy or farce?

As the world tries to determine what kind of President Donald Trump will be, Professor James Der Derian writes Trump's tale is not a new one for history.

24 November 2016

Major finding identifies nitrogen as key driver for gut health

Scientists are one step closer to understanding the link between different diet strategies and gut health, with new research presenting the first general principles for how diet impacts the microbiota.

24 November 2016

World of viruses uncovered – not just unwanted house bugs

1445 viruses have been discovered in the most populous animals – those without backbones such as insects and worms – in a Nature paper that shows human diseases like influenza are derived from those present in invertebrates.

23 November 2016

Today’s innovation is tomorrow’s history

Professor Athman Bouguettaya says “Cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of Things are the three key emergent paths for research innovations and those studying to be IT professionals.”

23 November 2016

Sydney graduates rated the most employable in Australia

University of Sydney graduates are the most employable in Australia and are among the top 5 most sought-after by employers worldwide, according to the latest 2017 QS Graduate Employability Rankings. 

23 November 2016

Humanities scholars elected into Australian academy

Three University of Sydney academics have been elected into Australia’s most prestigious humanities academy.

22 November 2016

Inspired student visions for Sydney architecture

University of Sydney students unveil their big architectural visions for a series of landmark cultural buildings and public spaces in Sydney and regional NSW in a final graduate exhibition that opens on 24 November.

22 November 2016

Macleay Museum closes its doors to make way for new museum

The Macleay Collections (along with the University's Nicholson Museum and art collections) will be incorporated into the University's new Chau Chak Wing Museum.