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Articles published in 2016

12 December 2016

Child mummy offers revised history of smallpox

A child mummy from the 17th century, found in a crypt underneath a Lithuanian church, was discovered to harbour the oldest known sample of the variola virus that causes smallpox.

10 December 2016

Weighing up the evidence for the Historical Jesus

Did a man called Jesus of Nazareth walk the earth? Discussions over whether the figure known as the “Historical Jesus” actually existed primarily reflect disagreements among atheists, writes Raphael Lataster.

09 December 2016

Former PM Bob Hawke awarded honorary doctorate

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke AC received an honorary degree from the University of Sydney. Honorary degrees are awarded to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the wider community.

09 December 2016

Dean appointed to leading position with global education alliance

Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, Professor Greg Whitwell, has been appointed Deputy Chair of the CEMS global alliance, a unique network of 30 of the world's leading higher education institutions.

08 December 2016

Boosted support for Aboriginal students in critical first year

From 2017, commencing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander undergraduate students will be offered guaranteed and subsidised accommodation and a structured peer mentoring program.

08 December 2016

Minister Ley launches Psychology clinics in Brain and Mind Centre

Federal Health and Aged Care Minister Sussan Ley today launched the one-stop-shop psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience clinics, touring the new facilities leading the way in multidisciplinary brain and mind care.

07 December 2016

10 reasons Australian maths skills are in decline

Professor and Chair of Applied Mathematics Nalini Joshi believes Australia can reverse its decline in results and ranking but systemic change is required.

07 December 2016

App to change the way you retire

Do you need to save more money for retirement? There may soon be an app for that, thanks to MBA graduate Carla Harris and her team.

07 December 2016

Everyone's talking but no-one's listening

It's time to reclaim the art of communication, writes Dr Olaf Werder.

07 December 2016

Domestic services: the unsung heroes of the China export boom

Research conducted by the University of Sydney and Westpac has revealed one of the biggest beneficiaries of Australia's growing trade ties with China has been the value-added domestic services and that they are contributing more to the export story than previously understood.

07 December 2016

2016 honour roll of University researchers

Our researchers drive positive change for the benefit of Australia and the global community. Below are just a few of the awards our researchers have won this year, showing a wide breadth of achievements that is a testament to our culture of excellence in research.

07 December 2016

It's all in the data - Sydney leads digital agriculture hackathon

A team of University of Sydney students gained second spot against teams of researchers in the AgData Challenge hackathon, with a PhD student also leading the winning CSIRO team.

06 December 2016

Chancellor Belinda Hutchinson AM re-appointed

The University Senate has re-appointed Belinda Hutchinson AM for a second term as Chancellor.

06 December 2016

Helping students live, study and work overseas in 2017

The University of Sydney has secured more than $1.2 million in government funding to support 332 students to study overseas in 2017.

06 December 2016

75 years on from Pearl Harbor

On December 7 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy launched an attack on a US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Now, 75 years on, University of Sydney experts reflect on the impact of this historical event.

05 December 2016

Infrastructure: learning lessons from superannuation

Superannuation and infrastructure have a lot in common, and so they should: they represent two sides of the same coin. 

05 December 2016

Nation needs a 10-year plan for maths and science

A long-term plan should include measures to address how teachers are recruited, valued and respected, writes Dr Rachel Wilson in the Financial Review. 

05 December 2016

Is the Australian housing market at risk of a collapse?

Understanding if a 'housing bubble' exists in the Australian housing market is the new focus of a University of Sydney complex systems research team.

05 December 2016

Alumni from the 1930s to 1960s share their memories

A rare glimpse into four decades of student life at the University of Sydney, from the 1930s to the 1960s, has been captured in a publication of alumni memories.

04 December 2016

Australian gun laws may seed their own destruction

Of all Australia's public health initiatives, our gun control laws are perhaps the most widely recognised and cited with pride. Yet they also contain the seed of their own destruction.