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30 November 2020

Why single, older women without children face economic insecurity

A first-of-its-kind study examining the economic security of single older women without children has busted the myth that people without children must have uninterrupted careers and healthy retirement savings.
27 November 2020

Vale Jim Wolfensohn

Following his passing in New York, the University pays tribute to renowned lawyer, economist, philanthropist and alumnus James Wolfensohn.
27 November 2020

Seven researchers elected to prestigious academies

The new fellows are elected in recognition of their distinguished achievement in humanities, computer science, and biomedical and materials engineering.
27 November 2020

Mastering environmental engineering for a sustainable world

Engineers play a central role in how we can transition not just our energy sources to sustainable means but everything else, such as the materials we use, our food systems and our water resources.
27 November 2020

The geologist and the war

Tannatt Edgeworth David was a pioneering geologist and Professor of Geology. He was also a national war hero.
26 November 2020

9 ways to keep your pet cool this weekend

This weekend, the weather forecast is for "dangerous heat" across NSW and extreme heat across Australia. It's important to keep your pets safe from heat stress, says Dr Anne Quain, clinical vet and lecturer in the Sydney School of Veterinary Science.
26 November 2020

New global guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour

University of Sydney academics are part of a select group of international experts who provided leadership and contributed to the development and dissemination of the new WHO Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour launched today.
26 November 2020

Con grad makes a career in New York

Since studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Shea Duncan has gone on to have a successful career as a Composer and Music Director in New York.
26 November 2020

Unexpected discovery about stem cell immortality: study

Independent groups of scientists investigating telomeres and stem cells have reported what lies behind the immortality of stem cells - what a leading Australian researcher calls "the most unexpected result of my career''.
26 November 2020

Domestic and family violence: what it is and where to go for support

Sharon Chung from the University’s Safer Communities Office breaks down the facts of domestic violence and how you can find support for yourself or for someone you know in need.
25 November 2020

When there is good vaccine news - efficacy is only the beginning of the story

Recent news from global COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials have been encouraging, however we are only at the beginning of the story and must continue to monitor whether any approved vaccine is safe and effective, writes Associate Professor Nicholas Wood.
25 November 2020

Electric 'aero-ambulance' developed at the University of Sydney

'Vertiia', designed to take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane, will improve patient transfer times and safety. It aims to be the most efficient and longest range eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) aircraft globally.
25 November 2020

The Con presents live-stream performances

Sydney Conservatorium of Music presents a weekend of amazing music for audiences to enjoy from the comfort of their home. Featuring new compositions and a wide range of repertoires, there's something for everyone.
25 November 2020

On breaking barriers and overcoming your greatest challenges

Economics and Law alumna, Kerry Chikarovski shares her pathway into politics and the leadership lessons she has learnt along the way.
25 November 2020

Bigger Brother is watching

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949, is more famous than ever today for its predictions of political surveillance, censorship and disinformation. Despite its prescience, Peter Marks, Professor of English at the University of Sydney, argues that the novel should not be read as a despairing dystopia but as a universal “go-to resistance text”.
25 November 2020

Sydney wins five Eureka Prizes for 2020

Five University of Sydney finalists have been named as Eureka Prize winners in recognition of their excellent scientific research, leadership and engagement.
25 November 2020

Sydney vets saving lives

The University's veterinary teaching hospitals are providing disadvantaged animals with urgent care.
24 November 2020

Which Master of Commerce program is right for you?

Find out whether the 1.5 year Master of Commerce or 2 year Master of Commerce (Extension) is the right program to future-proof your career.
24 November 2020

David Anstice continues support for Sydney, funding MBA scholarships

Eight years after establishing a scholarship for students in the MBA program, David Anstice has generously extended scholarships for emerging leaders from the not-for-profit sector for a further five years.
24 November 2020

There aren't plenty more fish in the sea

The earliest known aquaculture sites were created more than 6000 years ago by Aboriginal peoples in Australia to grow eels. About five thousand years later, the Chinese began farming carp. Today aquaculture is the fastest growing, food-related primary industry in the world. And we need it to be.