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11 December 2020

World-class new university campus at Parramatta/Westmead

A world-class multi-disciplinary university campus will be able to be delivered within the Westmead Health and Innovation District with the signing of a framework agreement between the NSW Government and the University of Sydney.
10 December 2020

From E12 to overseas immersion: Victoria's story so far

Within her first year at university, Victoria Lonergan gained more than she'd imagined – including a new language skill and cultural experiences that inspired greater pursuits for a bright future.
10 December 2020

Professor Greg Whitwell re-elected as Chair of CEMS Global Alliance

Professors Gregory Whitwell, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School and Lars Strannegård, President of the Stockholm School of Economics have been re-elected as CEMS Chair and Co-Chair respectively of the global alliance.
10 December 2020

China debate borrows language from the Cold War

Professor James Curran at the University of Sydney delivered an address at the Australian Institute of International Affairs in Sydney about the current problems in Australia's relationship with China.
10 December 2020

Space weather discovery puts 'habitable planets' at risk

Using radio signals as an indicator of stellar activity will allow astronomers to determine 'space weather' in nearby solar systems. The news is not great for life (as we know it) from our nearest neighbour.
09 December 2020

Innovation ensures equity and enables teaching during COVID

A multidisciplinary project featuring Bachelor of Design Computing students, expanded learning opportunities for Sydney Medical Program students and ensured equity for rural-based students by redeveloping an out-dated teaching module.
09 December 2020

Talent from the Con shining at the 2021 Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival, a bold cultural celebration with cutting-edge arts and performance, will include multiple acts involving the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s talent early next year.
09 December 2020

New alcohol guidelines urge Aussies to go easy on the booze

Under the new recommendations, healthy adults should drink no more than ten standard drinks a week, and no more than four on any one day.
08 December 2020

International Relations goes quantum

Project Q's recently released special issue of Security Dialogue, Quantizing International Relations, explores emerging quantum perspectives that challenge our classical understanding of the world.
08 December 2020

University of Sydney first choice for school leavers in NSW

The University of Sydney continues to be the preferred university for New South Wales school leavers, according to data released this week from the Universities Admissions Centre.
08 December 2020

University of Sydney researcher joins prestigious authors list

The American Library Association has selected a book on why the US has failed to intervene in genocide as one of its top academic titles for 2020.
08 December 2020

Professor Nalini Joshi awarded the George Szekeres Medal

Professor Joshi from the School of Mathematics and Statistics has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to mathematical sciences by the discipline's peak national body.
08 December 2020

Music student contribution fee increase explained

Music students will not pay significantly more for their study in the way humanities students will under the new Job-Ready Graduates package proposed by the Federal Government.
07 December 2020

3 billion animals impacted by fires including 60,000 koalas: report

Estimates some 3 billion animals were killed or misplaced by the 2019-20 mega-fires in Australia have been confirmed - with a breakdown by animal type for the first time - in a conclusive Sydney-led report commissioned by WWF.

07 December 2020

Ensuring Sydney's place as a global hub for quantum technology

The NSW Government has helped to bring together four Sydney universities to promote our harbour city as an international centre for excellence in quantum technology, supporting jobs, research and education.
07 December 2020

USYD designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Tuberculosis

The newly designated WHO Collaborating Centre for Tuberculosis at the University of Sydney will work with partners in the Western Pacific Region and globally to aim for TB elimination by 2035.
07 December 2020

What might the changing incidence of Working from Home (WFH) tell us about Future Transport and Land Use Agendas

Professor David Hensher and Associate Professor Matthew Beck look at some of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we travel and work, and how these changes might be taken advantage of for economic, social and environmental benefit.
05 December 2020

New facilities to deliver complete MD program in Dubbo

Funding received from the Federal Government’s Murray Darling Medical Schools’ Network will build a new teaching facility at the School of Rural Health
04 December 2020

Sustained drop in gambling frequency since pubs and clubs re-opened

A study to be presented at the Brain and Mind Centre Symposium 2020 today shows that over six months from the early days of COVID-19 to November, gambling frequency reduced, signalling a window of opportunity post-pandemic.

04 December 2020

Eco-friendly pens startup collaborating with students on global distribution

William Tjo was always an environmentally conscious student while studying at the University of Sydney. But it wasn't until co-founding Paper Pens Co., a startup that produces eco-friendly gel pens, that he was able to put his passion into practice.