Professor Greg Whitwell re-elected as Chair of CEMS Global Alliance

10 December 2020
Business School Dean re-elected to Chair of global alliance for a further two years
Professors Gregory Whitwell, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School and Lars Strannegård, President of the Stockholm School of Economics have been re-elected as CEMS Chair and Co-Chair respectively of the global alliance.

Following a successful two-year mandate as CEMS Chair and Co-Chair, Professors Whitwell and Strannegård have been elected for a second term. In a year marked by a pandemic that has been particularly disruptive in higher education and caused social unrest worldwide, this is a great sign of stability for the CEMS Global Alliance.

Professor Greg Whitwell, CEMS Chair and Business School Dean.

“In a year that has tested our ability to remain connected despite international border closures, I am proud that the CEMS network has risen to the challenge and honoured to be re-elected as Chair,” Professor Whitwell, Dean of the Business School, said.

“The unprecedented level of cooperation between educational institutions and corporate partners from all corners of the world is testimony to the resilience of the alliance. While the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink how we deliver world-class education remotely, I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that CEMS schools continue to propose and implement.”

Co-chair Professor Strannegård echoes this sentiment: "This pandemic year has been difficult for organisations across the globe. With the increasingly isolationist trends we’re seeing, it’s more important than ever to forge strong partnerships across borders and strengthen cross-cultural exchanges. 

We are honoured to be guided by such outstanding and recognised leaders whose dedication to the values of the organisation - openness, inclusion, sustainability - is exemplary.
Roland Siegers, CEMS Executive Director

“CEMS is built on cooperation, learning, and the free exchange of ideas. This community, comprised of extraordinary business schools, outstanding corporate partners, alumni and students across the world, is key in adapting to the new normal. I’m proud and grateful to be able to continue contributing to the path forward.”

CEMS Executive Director, Roland Siegers, applauded these nominations: “For CEMS, Professors Whitwell and Strannegårds renewal of mandates as Chair and Co-Chair sends a signal of personal commitment and stability in the most challenging of times.

“We are honoured to be guided by such outstanding and recognised leaders whose dedication to the values of the organisation - openness, inclusion, sustainability - is exemplary.”

CEMS member schools collaborate with partner companies and non-profits to deliver the CEMS Master in International Management (MIM) program to approximately 1,300 students from about 70 different nationalities annually.

The goal of the program is to develop graduates with a truly global mindset; graduates must have a working knowledge of at least three languages and have studied and worked outside of their home country.

With half of CEMS alumni living outside of their home country and 75 percent working for multinational companies, these profiles are highly sought after by companies, with a 96 percent employment rate amongrecent graduates.

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