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15 October 2021

Together we will get there, a message from #youthgotthis

The Matilda Centre once again partnered with #youthgotthis to hold a virtual public forum on Youth Mental Health. This year we heard more personal stories and the panel discussed many of the challenges that young people are facing today.
14 October 2021

Professor Jennifer Barrett appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor Indigenous (Academic)

The University of Sydney announced today that Professor Jennifer Barrett has been appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor Indigenous (Academic) signalling the University's commitment to Indigenous education and research.
14 October 2021

5 reasons to study project management at Sydney

Our Bachelor of Project Management is a unique degree that works with your interests and equips you to deliver projects and drive organisational change.
14 October 2021

How an economics degree fuels a start-up career

Ashan Dias is a postgraduate alumnus and former international student creating new opportunities for young businesses.

14 October 2021

Lone changer: fish camouflage better without friends nearby

While gobies aren't the only fish with camouflage abilities, new research shows that their colour change is influenced by their social context: they transform faster and better when alone. This is likely an adaptive, stress response to perceived threat from predators.
14 October 2021

Why Sydney's COVID numbers didn't get as bad as the modelling suggested

COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalisations in NSW are better than expected. Professor Jamie Triccas and Dr Megan Steain propose two key factors that could account for this: vaccine effectiveness and real-time protection.

13 October 2021

Rethinking Australia in many languages

Understanding Australia requires more than knowledge of the English language. Professor Adrian Vickers highlights the wealth of non-English sources and cross-cultural exchanges that can reorient our perspective on the Australian story.
13 October 2021

Wild sense: Ethics and multisensory ecology

In this reflective piece, Jay Johnston considers how sensory ecology may open up creative space for humans to better-know our fellow creatures and build worlds that reflect this knowledge.
12 October 2021

Strange radio waves emerge from direction of the galactic centre

International student Ziteng Wang detected unusual signals from deep in the heart of the Milky Way using CSIRO's ASKAP radio telescope. Now astronomers are on the search for more evidence of what type of object could be emitting them.
12 October 2021

Social Work students embark on COVID-response online seminars

COVID has presented significant challenges for social work students who are required to do placements as part of their degree. Dr Margaret Spencer, Field Education Director, has a creative solution.
12 October 2021

2021 award recipients

In lieu of a physical awards ceremony in 2021, the Faculty of Science congratulates all students and honour them for their achievement.
12 October 2021

5 ways you can tune in on your mental health this month

In recognition of Mental Health Month, we've compiled a list of different ways you can be proactive about your mental health – from events and podcasts to checklists and resources, get involved and tune in on your mental wellbeing.

11 October 2021

Mastering communications with a career change

From Singapore to Sydney, Victoria Ong’s Master of Media Practice has taken her from interviewing Ed Sheeran to reporting from the amazing parts in Asia.

11 October 2021

University medallist receives scholarship to Oxford

The Peter Cameron Sydney Oxford Scholarship paves the way for Law School alumnus, John-Patrick Asimakis, to pursue further study at a world-leading university.
11 October 2021

Pop-up NSW Health vaccination clinic at University of Sydney

Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney have worked together to establish a free pop-up vaccination clinic in the University's Great Hall, for everyone in our community.
11 October 2021

New program helps people find their way forward after dementia diagnosis

An innovative new program launched today aims to assist the estimated 60,000 Australians diagnosed with dementia each year to understand next steps and change outdated perceptions of living with dementia.
09 October 2021

Sydney launches new musculoskeletal health research partnership

Musculoskeletal conditions are a leading cause of disability. A new partnership between the University of Sydney and local health districts will support world-leading research into these issues and rapidly translate it to clinical practice.
08 October 2021

Gene therapy saves the sight of Australians with eye disease

Two teenage siblings with a rare disease have had their vision loss halted and their eye sight improved, after surgery using the world's first approved gene replacement therapy for any inherited blinding eye condition.

08 October 2021

Gene therapy offers hope for 1 in 10,000 girls with Rett Syndrome

University of Sydney researchers at the Children’s Medical Research Institute are leading the creation of gene therapies that could have the potential to override the effects of this devastating neurodevelopmental disorder.
08 October 2021

Repatriation: bringing remains home to Vanuatu

After discovering human remains in the caves of Futuna in 1964, archaeologists shipped them to the USA for further analysis. But when the analysis never happened, they sat in storage for years. Until Dr James Flexner and colleagues set about returning them home.