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25 October 2021

More than light detectors: the magic of your eyes' pupils

Around a decade ago, groundbreaking research found that pupils don't only detect light. Now, a new Nature Communications study finds they can perceive the amount of objects in a person's field of vision.
22 October 2021

What you need to know about women's economic abuse

Economic abuse cuts across cultural, age and socio-economic boundaries. But Australia still has a long way to go in understanding the complexity and depth of the problem, particularly for women.

22 October 2021

2022 Hunt-Simes Visiting Chair of Sexuality Studies announced

Promoting international collaboration, the 2022 Visiting Chair of Sexuality Studies will see three academics conduct innovative research at Sydney.
22 October 2021

Sydney Rare Book Week: explore the treasures of the library

The library's collections encompass the precious, the beautiful and the downright weird. During Sydney Rare Book Week, we celebrate these riches, from valuable comics to texts that shaped history.

22 October 2021

Grants to treat alcohol-use disorder and transform cancer diagnosis

Sydney researchers have received two National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Synergy Grants worth $10 million.
22 October 2021

Sydney welcomes $96 million RNA pilot manufacturing facility for NSW

The University of Sydney is pleased to be part of the NSW Government's announcement of a first-of-its-kind Australian pilot facility to develop mRNA and RNA drugs and vaccines to combat disease and save lives.
20 October 2021

Shaping public policy in Indonesia

Studying a Master of International Studies helped Adinda Muchtar discover her passion for public policy.
20 October 2021

Which degree is right for me: data science or digital health?

Learn how our Master of Data Science compares to our Master of Digital Health and Data Science.

20 October 2021

NSW government partners with University of Sydney

Five-year partnership agreement between NSW government and University aims to streamline collaboration on research opportunities and attract investment.
20 October 2021

International student insights: From modern Malaysia to historic Sydney

Elaine Yap shares her experience moving to Sydney to study law as an international student with a full scholarship.
20 October 2021

Sharing Sciences Po students' stories

Ever wanted to travel abroad, immerse yourself in French culture, learn a new language and complete a dual degree?
19 October 2021

Sydney scientist named 2021 NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year

Outstanding contributions in the field of conservation biology have seen Dr Ayesha Tulloch named overall 2021 NSW Young Tall Poppy of the Year by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science.
19 October 2021

2021 PREMISE Seed Funding and Career Development Grants Awarded

The Matilda Centre has awarded six grants to support HDR students and early-mid career to enhance their research programs and undertake career development activities.
19 October 2021

Using technology to curb anxiety and alcohol use problems among youth

Results from the Inroads trial show that the online program can reduce anxiety symptoms and hazardous alcohol use among youth. Researchers at the Matilda Centre have added new content to help young people manage stress and anxiety related to COVID-19 and have optimised the platform for national roll-out across Australia.
19 October 2021

To drink or not to drink: Does a little bit of alcohol cause good health?

We sat down and spoke to PhD student Rachel Visontay who is using a range of sophisticated statistical methods to better understand the relationship between alcohol and our health.
19 October 2021

Translating research into practice

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Steph Kershaw is passionate about translating research into real world outcomes and benefits. She’s currently evaluating a program which provides support to the families and friends of people who use alcohol and/or other drugs.
19 October 2021

We need to talk about cheating

We all know that cheating is wrong. What may seem like an easy way out can have severe consequences for both you and your classmates. Find out more about contract cheating and how to avoid it.
18 October 2021

Australia needs a 'mental wealth' lens on post-COVID recovery

A multidisciplinary research initiative at the University of Sydney brings together academics, industry experts, policymakers, and community representatives to capitalise on the nation's cognitive and emotional resources to reimagine the economic and social future of Australia.
18 October 2021

What to make of the legacy of Holocaust survivors

Few Holocaust survivors remain, and soon there will be none. Dr Avril Alba writes that it is up to us to continue their legacy of remembrance and education: the continued dangers of racism, antisemitism and political and social inequalities underscore this.
15 October 2021

From an arts degree to connecting global talents at TikTok

From an economics degree and interning at OECD, to appearing on news headlines as a TikTok creator and now TikTok’s Community Manager, Pavel Grozdov’s non-linear career is one based on a strong foundation in the arts.