16 February 2016

How doctors communicate directly affects patient outcomes: new study

The way a doctor collaborates with their hospital peers can significantly impact patient outcomes, a University of Sydney researcher has found.

15 February 2016

Human Centred Technology - are we using them to their full advantage?

How can we create technology that helps people be healthy and well? How can we make medical data work better? Are we developing new technologies to really fit people’s needs? I own my health data, don’t I?

15 February 2016

Roger Ballen's Theatre of the Mind played out in Sydney exhibition

His raw, black & white images are alluring, fascinating and disturbing. He is one of the most important and exciting photographers of the 21st century. The intriguing work of Roger Ballen is coming to Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) this March in the artist's first major Sydney exhibition.

15 February 2016

New initiative to enhance Australia's infrastructure potential

A new research initiative based at the University of Sydney's John Grill Centre for Project Leadership aims to eliminate the 'hit-and-miss' nature of Australia’s major projects and help deliver infrastructure benefits sooner and to greater effect for customers and the community.

13 February 2016

Innocence project will review claims of wrongful conviction

Not Guilty: the Sydney Exoneration Project will see law and psychology students receive course credit to review cases with experts in forensic psychology and evidence.

12 February 2016

Australian first: students control NASA robots in space

Mission accomplished with the successful control of robots on the International Space Station by Australia's first Zero Robotics finalists from Normanhurst Boys High School.

11 February 2016

We can't close the gap on health unless we talk about nutrition

The 2016 Closing the Gap report fails to address nutrition despite its crucial importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, argues Professor Stephen Simpson. 

11 February 2016

Experts rank the best apps for weight loss

A new study from the Charles Perkins Centre has ranked the best apps for weight loss according to their accuracy, scientific basis, and ability to change behaviour.

11 February 2016

New evidence will help prevent thousands of preterm babies' deaths globally

More premature babies could survive if their levels of oxygen are kept in the top half of the previously accepted range, says new research in today's New England Journal of Medicine.

10 February 2016

Creating education opportunities for Syrian and Iraqi refugees

The University of Sydney has partnered with other universities in New South Wales to offer scholarships, financial assistance and other support for refugees on a humanitarian visa.