10 February 2016

MAMMOTH mathematics

New algorithms designed for the MAMMOTH, an experimental planetary rover, have won a University of Sydney research student this year’s international MathWorks Simulink Student Challenge.

09 February 2016

5 ways to get a good night's sleep

Not getting enough sleep does a disservice to our brain and physical health. An expert in sleep health, Associate Professor Chin Moi Chow, explains how to improve your chances of getting a good night's rest.
08 February 2016

Free Nicholson Museum exhibition presents the art of Cyprus

The Sky and the Sea: Ancient Cypriot Art brings together a beautiful range of objects from the museum’s Cypriot collection – the largest in Australia and the world’s fourth largest outside Cyprus - to demonstrate the evolution of Cyprus’ culture. 

06 February 2016

Study explains elastin's remarkable movements

New research likens the flexibility of elastin in a blood vessel to the dynamics of a ballet.

05 February 2016

Probing the peace and security implications of quantum innovation

The impact of quantum science on peace and security will be debated by leading practitioners and researchers at the Q3 Symposium and Lecture.

05 February 2016

Tracing the nation's remarkable record of safety in the skies

An ARC-funded study will explore pivotal aviation developments between the years 1938 and 1968.

03 February 2016

'Laugh Lines' exhibition celebrates Australian cartooning

Some of Australia's most iconic cartoons and illustrations will be on public display for the first time as part of a new exhibition at the University of Sydney

03 February 2016

Assisted dying: the difficult conversation we need to have

We must acknowledge divergent views on assisted dying and start framing laws that will enable it, writes Ian McPhee.

02 February 2016

Zika Virus – be alert, not alarmed say experts

University of Sydney experts say a causal relationship between Zika virus infection during pregnancy and microcephaly is strongly suspected but not yet proven as the WHO declared the mosquito-borne virus a global public health threat.

01 February 2016

Why Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should care about the Australian Republic

An Australian Republic could open doors to sovereignty for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, writes Professor Jakelin Troy.