20 April 2016

Keep calm and get connected

Extremism and its terrorist consequences have radically altered the world's security framework. Two University students are addressing the root causes of extremism; one technology based, one through greater understanding.

20 April 2016

Innovation nation

INCUBATE is a 14-week program that helps University students, staff and recent alumni with technology-based ideas prepare for the market place. The program supports entrepreneurial ambition and drives innovation.

20 April 2016

We go to Rio

The 2006 Rio games included athletes from the University of Sydney. Many of these high achieving athletes were also gifted students balancing their ambitions for the Rio games with the demands of their study and course work.

20 April 2016

Everyone’s favourite economist

Justin Wolfers thanks an early job in the gambling industry for his perspectives as an economist. His many other unorthodox world views have made him a darling of the US media and a valued contributor to the economic debate.

20 April 2016

On my mind: Emily Scanlan

In this opinion piece, Emily Scanlan suggests that psychologists should be open to using ideas based around philosophies like existentialism, when treating patients. These ideas should also be given more prominence for psychology students, she says.

20 April 2016

A man for all seasons

The Royal Botanic Garden just celebrated its 200th anniversary. Behind the scenes, Brett Summerell is part of a team preserving natural history and addressing some of the world's environmental and food security challenges.

20 April 2016

Books that changed my mind

A heritage architect and a radio astronomer each talk about a key book that gave them a new insight or opened them up to a new way of thinking.

20 April 2016

Small wonders

Nanotechnology has the potential to transform how we live. At the newly opened Nanoscience Hub, researchers are working at the atomic scale with its very different laws of physics to advance idea like quantum computing and super-light metals.

20 April 2016

Streets of green

When Romilly Madew wrote a paper about green buildings making good business sense, it changed the whole industry. Today, as the CEO of the Green Building Council of Australia, she continues to drive innovation.

19 April 2016

Pioneer of Australian Surrealism at University Art Gallery

The work of Dušan Marek, one of a handful of European artists who brought the Prague School of Surrealism to Australia after fleeing Europe post World War Two, is on show at the University of Sydney's Art Gallery.