12 April 2016

How to talk about climate change without talking about climate change

Policymakers' inability to openly discuss climate change is leaving many local councils across Australia unprepared for its impacts, analysis by a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney has found.

11 April 2016

Study reveals true scale of Indigenous lung cancer disparity

A news study has found Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in remote areas are approximately eight times more likely to die from lung cancer than non-Indigenous Australians.

11 April 2016

Workshop collaborates on new tools for students with disabilities

Being a student isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can be a struggle staying on top of studies, while juggling social, work and family commitments. For nearly 2,000 University of Sydney students living with a disability, the challenges can be even more daunting.

11 April 2016

'The right to food' – and how 1.2 million Australians miss out

Governments must ensure affordable, accessible and healthy food is available to everyone, and that there is a publicly-funded safety net for the most vulnerable, writes Dr Alana Mann.

11 April 2016

Quantum leap into TEDxSydney

Quantum physicist Associate Professor Michael Biercuk will bring the exciting world of quantum technology to the TEDxSydney audience on 25 May at the Sydney Opera House.

08 April 2016

Putting people with disability at the centre of disaster planning

Natural disasters like floods and bushfires are commonplace in Australia these days, but what isn’t talked about are the experiences of people with disability during these emergencies.

08 April 2016

Getting to the heart of sudden death in epilepsy

University of Sydney researchers discover a link between sudden death in epilepsy and heart conditions.

08 April 2016

Strengthening agricultural innovation between Australia and Israel

The Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird witnessed the signing of an agreement between the University of Sydney and the Agricultural Research Organisation of Israel to help agricultural innovation flourish in NSW.

07 April 2016

'Silent Tears' throws spotlight on gendered violence and disability

A powerful multimedia exhibition exploring domestic violence and disability by internationally-acclaimed photographer Belinda Mason will be on show this month at the University of Sydney.

07 April 2016

System stems scientific growth

We need more people with training in STEM areas if we are to keep up with the progress of modern society, writes Professor Nalini Joshi.