19 April 2016

Shakespeare game takes web learning to the next level

A new web game for high school students and teachers is turning the cards on traditional approaches to Shakespeare and three of his best known plays. 

18 April 2016

Reducing stress at work is a walk in the park

Urban ecology PhD candidate Lucy Taylor and Associate Professor Dieter Hochuli discuss the benefits of finding nature in the city.

18 April 2016

Between the South China Sea and human rights

Prime Minister Turnbull's decision to criticise China on the South China Sea issue, but avoid touching on the human rights issue, can be seen to be in the best interests of Australia, writes Klaus Raditio.

18 April 2016

Cutting the risk of chronic diseases through better oral health

The University of Sydney’s new Chair of Lifespan Oral Health, Professor Jöerg Eberhard plans to establish a world-class research centre to uravel connections between poor oral health and major chronic diseases. 

15 April 2016

Don't judge a Muslim woman's dress choice

It is time to change the narrative about Muslim women's identities and to stop defining them exclusively by their clothing, writes Professor Sahar Amer. 

14 April 2016

Celebrating the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë’s birth

To mark the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Brontë's birth, two academics explain why the Victorian novelist's works are still relevant today.

14 April 2016

Thick skinned bed bugs beat commonly used bug sprays

The global resurgence in bed bugs over the past two decades could be explained by revelations that some bed bugs are more resistant to commonly used insecticides, according to University of Sydney research published in PLOS ONE.

13 April 2016

$11m UK investment in nano start-up boon for eco energy

An ambitious plan to make commercially viable, nanostructured, gel-based batteries to lead the renewable electricity revolution is closer to becoming a reality, with the multimillion-dollar investment by the UK's major utility-scale solar energy company into a pioneering University of Sydney start-up.

12 April 2016

Progress on carbon reduction targets

The University is making good progress on its goal to reduce the carbon footprint of its listed share portfolio. 

12 April 2016

Federal parliament public hearing on agricultural innovation at the University of Sydney

Members of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture and Industry Inquiry into Agricultural Innovation will hear from representatives from the University of Sydney working on projects in agricultural innovation.