10 April 2018

Australia struggles to plan for affordable homes

An Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute report, led by the University of Sydney, outlines suggestions for how to leverage the planning system to create more affordable housing.
09 April 2018

Parkinson disease: from hype to hope

Advances in scientific understanding of Parkinson disease are advancing rapidly, says Professor Simon Lewis of the University of Sydney.
09 April 2018

New imaging technique could lower radiation risk from PET scans

A University of Sydney medical imaging expert is among a team of global researchers who have developed a new PET scanning technique that promises to decrease patients' exposure to radiation.
06 April 2018

Scholarship recognises contribution of nurses

The creation of a nursing scholarship at the University of Sydney honours both the memory of Trace Richey and the nurses who cared for him while he was ill with cancer.
06 April 2018

Next-gen medical imaging facility to advance future of healthcare

The latest medical imaging technology is available to our researchers, students and collaborators with the launch of Sydney Imaging, designed to lead discoveries and education in patient diagnosis and treatment.
06 April 2018

A new chance for native animals threatened by feral invaders

Australia has lost 30 species of native mammals in 200 years; more than the rest of the world put together. Even in remote parts of Australia, feral animals threaten native species. A change of mindset could be the answer.
05 April 2018

Quantum spin-off company Q-CTRL teams up with IBM

Professor Michael Biercuk's Q-CTRL, based at the University, is one of just eight start-ups worldwide chosen as a collaborator in IBM's Q Network, giving it access to IBM's world-leading quantum technology.
05 April 2018

Ancient origins of viruses discovered

A new study published in Nature transforms our understanding of the origins and evolution of viruses.
04 April 2018

Soil expert Iain Young appointed as Dean of Science

Biophysicist Professor Iain Young led major research groups in Scotland before taking a leadership role at the University of New England, followed by his appointment heading Sydney's School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
04 April 2018

Promoting vaccination? Focus on behaviour more than persuasion

Behavioural strategies are better than persuasion for promoting vaccination, a new review of the evidence reveals.