04 April 2018

The book that became a road map for life

Long before he was an archaeologist, Dr James Fraser (BA(HONS) '04) PhD(Research) '16), was a noisy kid. The book his parents gave him to keep him quiet, Dr Dolittle, did the trick and gave the young James a view of the world that still guides him today.
04 April 2018

First Sydney Policy Lab director announced

Political theorist, advisor and public policy expert Professor Marc Stears will take the reins at the University of Sydney's Sydney Policy Lab.
03 April 2018

The mummy within: 2500-year old coffin's contents revealed

An excavation of a little-investigated Egyptian coffin from the Nicholson Museum's mummy collection has revealed what is likely the mummified remains of a 26th Dynasty (6th century BC) woman.
03 April 2018

How to cut the rise of superbugs? Experts can't agree

Australia's doctors, dentists and veterinarians can't agree whose job it is to reduce the rise of antimicrobial resistance, new research reveals.
03 April 2018

iWitnessed app launched by memory experts, police, QC

A unique app available for download in Australia should assist witnesses and victims of one-off events and ongoing occurrences make mobile records in a way that can help with convictions and prevent miscarriages of justice.
03 April 2018

The world's best writers put a literary podcast on the map

With her podcast, Lit Up, Angela Ledgerwood created a platform for authors to talk about their work and lives. Her knowledgeable and passionate approach has now seen her interview some of the world's leading authors.