28 August 2018

Rethink investment management "boys' club" to recruit and retain women

A new University of Sydney Business School study reveals women investment managers are seriously concerned about the lack of equal treatment and opportunities in the sector.
27 August 2018

Apps a timely reminder for those on heart medication

University of Sydney research shows mobile apps could potentially save lives by helping people with coronary heart disease keep on top of their medication.
27 August 2018

University of Sydney and surrounds to be heritage listed

The University of Sydney, University Colleges and Victoria Park have today been recognised as places of state significance, with the NSW Heritage Minister announcing the area will be listed on the State Heritage Register.
27 August 2018

Pop-Up Research Lab to explore 'Brave New Law' in tackling biotech

With recent biotechnology breakthroughs bringing scientists closer than ever to engineering human genes, lawyers and policy makers need to take their own 'giant leap' to keep up, says a University of Sydney sociologist.
24 August 2018

The Game of Homes: will the housing crisis ever end?

Ahead of his appearance at the forthcoming event, Outside the Square, Peter Phibbs, Professor of Urban Planning, offers a frank assessment of the issues causing the housing affordability crisis.
23 August 2018

Grant win for cell and gene therapies

Four University of Sydney researchers have received grants worth $5 million from the NSW government to support trials for cell and gene therapies to treat rare genetic conditions and cancer.
23 August 2018

Dogs at Sydney: meet our campus companions

For National Dog Day, read about the potential benefits of canine work friends and meet the dogs keeping staff and students company around the University of Sydney.
23 August 2018

Grant win for stem cell therapy for chronic pain

Associate Professor Greg Neely has received an $810,000 grant from the NSW government, as one of only four winners of the Cell and Gene Therapy grants from NSW Health.
22 August 2018

Professor John Rasko to give 2018 Boyer Lectures

The University of Sydney's Professor John Rasko AO will explore the power of gene therapy to cure disease, prolong life and alter human evolution in this year's ABC Boyer Lecture series.
21 August 2018

The 5th annual Festival of Urbanism

Discussing, questioning and celebrating, this year's Festival of Urbanism asks you to change your view of the city. Industry leaders bring an exciting schedule of events rolling out across Australia's two largest cities.