20 August 2018

Drought capability statement - Sydney Institute of Agriculture

While all of NSW has been declared as being affected by drought, the University of Sydney says researchers and farmers are working together combining conservation agriculture with digital innovations to support food security
17 August 2018

The Young Tall Poppy trifecta

University of Sydney has scooped the Australian Institute of Policy & Science's Young Tall Poppy Awards, with public health researcher Dr Melody Ding named as the 2018 overall winner.
17 August 2018

Is storytelling an enemy of science

Have you heard the one about the linguist, astrophysicist, playwright, cancer researcher and screenwriter getting together to vigorously debate the validity of storytelling in science? This is not fiction, but a true story.

16 August 2018

How our millennial Indiana Jones became a global health warrior

Captain Sophie Hollingsworth has accomplished more in her quarter-of-a-century than most people do in a lifetime. With every door open to her, why did she decide to study a Master of Health Security at the University of Sydney?
15 August 2018

Lower radiation doses could have big impact on cancer treatment

A collaboration between the School of Physics and Chris O'Brien Lifehouse has applied a striped model of radiation therapy for cancer treatment that should mean lower doses for patients.
15 August 2018

Over $16m funding for new health and medical research

Sydney researchers were successful in securing over $16 million in NHMRC funding for 28 projects, including the most Early Career Fellowships awarded to any institution in NSW.
15 August 2018

Sydney climbs 15 places in latest ARWU rankings

The University of Sydney has ranked 68th in the world and 3rd in Australia in the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), its best result since the ARWU rankings began in 2003.
15 August 2018

Five things I learned in my honours year

Whether it's a love for research or an unexpected career path, you're bound to discover new things about yourself during an honours year.

14 August 2018

Internationally diverse enrolments highlight of full time MBA

The University of Sydney Business School is now delivering its long awaited industry oriented and leadership focused full time MBA program with an international cohort, which is both gender and culturally diverse.
14 August 2018

Can Skippy disrupt the sports injury repair market?

The University of Sydney and three industry partners plan to disrupt the billion-dollar ligament-replacement market with new and uniquely Australian materials.