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28 February 2019

Sydney signs deal with Japanese space start-up to deploy CubeSats

Japanese launch company, Space BD, has announced its first overseas agreement with the ARC Training Centre for CubeSats, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles and their Applications (CUAVA), at the University of Sydney.
28 February 2019

Early signs of fatty liver disease detected in blood

Researchers have discovered biomarkers in the blood that can predict the accumulation of toxic fats in the liver - a sign of early fatty liver disease.
28 February 2019

Sydney physicists use code to reduce quantum error in logic gates

Error detection in logic gates opens path to further improvements in quantum computers. Dr Robin Harper and Professor Steven Flammia have applied codes to IBM's quantum computer to achieve a world-first result.
28 February 2019

Sydney women lead the way

What makes a good leader? Six of the University's leaders, who also happen to be women, share the view from the top - and the advice they'd offer aspiring female leaders.
28 February 2019

Australian Academy of Science honours our researchers

Outstanding contributions to science have been recognised by the Australian Academy of Science today, recognising lifelong achievement and early-career success.
27 February 2019

Gelion batteries to help power the renewables revolution

As we switch from fossil fuels to renewables, storage systems will become vital, says Professor Thomas Maschmeyer. Gelion's battery storage platform can help provide capacity for a post-carbon economy.
27 February 2019

Business School launches international scholarship program

The University of Sydney Business School is seeking to build a more culturally-diverse base by offering a range of graduate and postgraduate scholarship to outstanding students from non-traditional markets across Asia.
27 February 2019

World-beating results in QS subject rankings

The QS 2019 Subject Rankings, released today, rated two University of Sydney subjects in the top 10 globally and 30 subjects in the top 50 globally.
26 February 2019

University launches new digital placemaking Footbridge Gallery

The University of Sydney has launched the Footbridge Gallery, a digital placemaking area embedded in the landscape of the University using light, sound and music to create an open, shared space.
26 February 2019

New research casts doubt on cause of Angkor's collapse

New University of Sydney research has revealed the ancient Cambodian city of Angkor underwent a gradual decline in occupation rather than an abrupt collapse.