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20 February 2019

Sydney sings! Old songs, new songs, Australian songs

Singers and musicians from Sydney's Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities and the University of Sydney community come together to sing songs of reconciliation hosted by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

19 February 2019

What does origami have to do with physics?

Robert Lang is a pioneer of the newest kind of origami - using maths and engineering principles to fold mind-blowingly intricate designs that are beautiful and, sometimes, very useful. 

19 February 2019

Community languages institute celebrates first graduating cohort

The Sydney Institute for Community Languages Education (SICLE) - a partnership between the University of Sydney and New South Wales Department of Education - has celebrated its first graduating cohort.
19 February 2019

Australian Computing Academy launches cybersecurity program

In an Australian first, the University of Sydney's Australian Computing Academy has launched the Schools Cyber Security Challenges, a $1.35 million national program which will see cybersecurity taught to years 7-10 students.
19 February 2019

$7 million funding for rare cancer and diseases clinical trials

Researchers from the University of Sydney have been awarded funding from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to improve treatments and discover cures for rare cancers and rare diseases.
18 February 2019

People living with dementia lose their ability to daydream

Associate Professor Muireann Irish finds people living with frontotemporal dementia - an early onset form of dementia - lose their capacity for daydreaming and have no inner monologue.
18 February 2019

Moving beyond the buzzword: why 'transformation' really matters

'Transformation' is more than just a corporate buzzword - it's a necessity for organisations to not only survive but to thrive ethically in an uncertain world, says a University of Sydney expert.
14 February 2019

Treating insomnia improves back pain

A new analysis from the University of Sydney shows treatment for insomnia can help to reduce back pain, further enforcing the complex link between sleep and pain.

12 February 2019

Work-life balance rank with salary for graduate job seekers

Work-life balance involving flexible work arrangements is nearly as important as salary for young graduates seeking professional positions, according to a global survey conducted by CEMS Global Alliance of Business Schools.
12 February 2019

Insect population faces 'catastrophic' collapse: Sydney research

Dr Francisco Sanchez-Bayo has published a review of 73 studies into the decline of insect populations. The authors found the main drivers for species loss are intensive agriculture, pollution and climate change.