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25 March 2019

Are we ready to rise up against racism in Australia?

Political philosopher Tim Soutphommasane and journalist Osman Faruqi had a timely conversation about hate and race politics in Australia, to mark the UN International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.
25 March 2019

Plastic pollution and the technology to beat it

As environmental emergencies go, the explosion of plastic waste is right up there. Professor Thomas Maschmeyer wanted to make plastic valuable enough for people to collect it. What he created might just clean up the planet.
25 March 2019

Is time-out damaging your child?

Time-out as a method of discipline for toddlers and young children is a hot topic among parents and educators. Is it harmful? Does it damage the attachment bond between parent and child? New research says no. It is still one of the most effective discipline strategies.

25 March 2019

More efficient satellite launch platform on the horizon

An efficient and cost-effective satellite launch platform could soon be a reality in Australia thanks to a world first engine that's being developed by University of Sydney combustion experts.
22 March 2019

Passing of eminent scientist Professor Noel Hush

Emeritus Professor Noel Hush AO FRS FNAS FAA, a major force in chemistry research and Head of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sydney for almost 20 years, passed away on 20 March 2019 at the age of 94.
22 March 2019

Sydney College of the Arts presents Pillar to Post

Sydney College of the Arts presents Pillar to Post, a new contemporary art exhibition that showcases outstanding works created by leading Australian artists.
21 March 2019

Why we're investing in multispecies justice research

Following recent media coverage, the University of Sydney has restated the intention of its Faculty of Arts and Social Science's FutureFix research themes - in particular the strand examining the institutions required to achieve justice in ways that take into account humans, animals and the environment.
21 March 2019

Data sharing by popular health apps is "routine", research finds

Researchers call for greater regulation and transparency as analysis of medicines-related apps found most directly shared user data - including sensitive health data - with third parties, posing an unprecedented privacy risk.
21 March 2019

Aboriginal Australia's smash hit that went viral

In a time before radio, songs were shared between Aboriginal groups at large social gatherings and spread enormous distances. One such song known as Wanji-wanji has travelled some thousands of kilometres and remained unchanged over the past 150 years.
21 March 2019

What is needed to improve diversity and inclusion in Australia

Harmony Day, a day set aside every year to celebrate Australia's cultural diversity, is celebrated on the same day as the International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is a day for both the celebration of multiculturalism but also a day to resolve to eliminate racism and xenophobia.