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Why we're investing in multispecies justice research

21 March 2019
Following recent media coverage, the University of Sydney has restated the intention of its Faculty of Arts and Social Science's FutureFix research themes - in particular the strand examining the institutions required to achieve justice in ways that take into account humans, animals and the environment.

Our Faculty of Arts and Social Science’s new FutureFix research themes were established to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems such as climate change, inequality and our health. Given the unprecedented challenges we face, and acknowledging the old ways of doing things won’t work in this new world, we require new thinking to address the deep complexities involved.

Recognising that many legal systems and scholars now address harms inflicted on animals and the environment as a form of injustice, this project is examining what justice across the human and natural world might entail.

Despite reports, the team is not advocating for legal rights for animals and the environment. There is a wide range of views about the best approach to achieving justice. The project will provide a rigorous academic forum for those views to be researched, analysed and debated.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has provided seed funding for the faculty’s new research themes, including the multispecies justice theme, using internal resourcing. This includes funding for a series of symposia, with a small number of invited international guests including many who will participate virtually with no extra cost to the University.

We have sought a correction to articles published by the Daily Telegraph and The Australian.