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03 April 2019

Which came first, the lizard or the egg?

Scientists have never before witnessed the birth of live young and the laying of eggs from the same pregnancy. This world-first observation by Dr Camilla Whittington provides a fertile area for research into the evolution of pregnancy.
03 April 2019

A man of his word: revitalising an Indigenous language

At the start of European settlement, there were two hundred and fifty Aboriginal languages. Today, only twenty are widely spoken. Nathan Schrieber's language, Gunggay, was about to be lost until he made it his mission to bring it back.
03 April 2019

Alumni Awards honour incredible achievements of Sydney graduates

The winners of the Alumni Awards for 2019 have been announced, with graduates from a wide range of disciplines celebrated for making invaluable contributions to their field, and the University community.
02 April 2019

Students key in bringing new innovations to market

Fresh from his TEDxYouth talk, University alumnus and INCUBATE co-founder James Alexander talks about how students and researchers will play an important and unique role in building Australian businesses and innovating for the future.
02 April 2019

Stillbirth risk more than halved by side sleeping in late pregnancy

Going to sleep on either side in the last three months of pregnancy can more than halve the risk of stillbirth, an international study assessing risk factors for stillbirth has found.
02 April 2019

More operations done using robotic surgery

How do you take the skill of a top surgeon to the next level? You partner them with a robot. Robotic surgery is already happening, but don't worry - they're not on autopilot.
02 April 2019

Research unlocks biomechanic mystery behind deadly blood clots

Researchers at the University of Sydney have used biomechanical engineering techniques to unlock the mystery surrounding the mechanical forces that influence blood clotting.
01 April 2019

Insects bring new ideas to urban design

They're annoying at picnics, but ants might make it easier to get to the picnic in the first place. Dr Tanya Latty studies swarm intelligence to see how it might improve urban design. And don't even get her started on slime moulds.
01 April 2019

New plasma technology creates 'smart' windows

Windows that efficiently conserve energy by responding to light, heat and other environmental factors may soon become a reality thanks to a team of environmentally aware, plasma surface engineering experts at the University of Sydney.
01 April 2019

Redevelop the Better Access program say mental health experts

Mental health experts from the Brain and Mind Centre call for the Better Access program to be redeveloped to maximise its benefit.