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16 February 2021

Admitting failure is hard, but as academics we should learn to fail better

Failure is an inescapable part of any undertaking. However, in academia failure is rarely discussed or systematically approached. Drawing on her own experience of 'failure moments', Rachael Hains-Wesson examines the topic for LSE Impact Blog.
12 February 2021

Mr Morrison, please enshrine our climate targets in law

Australia is on track to create carbon reduction targets that are on par with other nations. Yet history proves this won't happen without an enforcement mechanism, writes Professor Tim Stephens from Sydney Law School.
11 February 2021

$1m funding for University of Sydney to sequence koala genomes

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley and NSW Environment and Energy Minister Matt Kean today announced funding for University of Sydney scientists to sequence 400 koala genomes, to gain insights into the vulnerable species.

11 February 2021

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

The 11th of February is the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science: a day that recognises the achievements of women in science and aims to encourage women and girls to pursue studies and careers in STEMM.
09 February 2021

A billion years in 40 seconds: video reveals our dynamic planet

New research has allowed geoscientists to show the uninterrupted movement of Earth's tectonic plates over the past billion years for the first time, which will help us understand how plate tectonics provides a planetary life-support system.
09 February 2021

Potential for misuse of climate data a threat to business and financial markets

Climate information is at risk of being misconstrued and used inappropriately in financial reports and has the potential to expose businesses to significant risk, according to a new paper by Australian researchers.
08 February 2021

Employers key to work/life balance during COVID-19

Employers played a greater role in supporting staff to achieve work/life balance when the pandemic blurred the lines between the two, according to a new report from the University of Sydney Business School and ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research.
08 February 2021

Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter

Half of the universe's matter is 'missing', but PhD student Yuanming Wang has developed an ingenious method to help track it down.
05 February 2021

New COVID-19 research projects funded

Research to improve COVID-19 testing, treat the most at-risk patients and evaluate virtual healthcare in the bush during COVID-19.
04 February 2021

The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare

The seven-year SAMI Survey has allowed scientists to understand the complex interaction between thousands of galaxies. Their findings will help astronomers understand how the universe has evolved and how it might develop further.