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16 April 2021

Port Arthur had survivors: the world's other victims of gun violence

Gun violence tends to be measured in lives lost, rather than the much more numerous survivors of gun violence. Gun law advocate, Rebecca Peters, is working to redress the balance.
15 April 2021

Not if but when - Sydney can expect more flood disasters

Sydney's recent disastrous flood wasn't unprecedented but we can expect more major events within 10 years, says Associate Professor Thomas Hubble from the School of Geosciences.
15 April 2021

Dorothy Hoddinott awarded honorary doctorate

The University of Sydney has awarded an honorary doctorate to Dorothy Hoddinott AO in recognition of her outstanding contributions to public education, social justice and human rights.
14 April 2021

What is Novavax, Australia's third COVID vaccine option?

Australia has a deal for a third vaccine developed by US biotech company Novavax. Professor Jamie Triccas explains more about this 'protein subunit' vaccine, which is yet to be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.
14 April 2021

Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureates lead symposium

Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning (SADP) will host the inaugural Rothwell Chair Symposium this April. Curated by SADP and Rothwell Co-Chairs, the 2021 Pritzker Prize Laureates, Lacaton & Vassal, the symposium will focus on international and local social and affordable housing design.
13 April 2021

Emily Maguire's Love Objects launched at Charles Perkins Centre

Emily Maguire, acclaimed author and 2018 recipient of the Judy Harris Writer in Residence Fellowship at the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre, launched her new book Love Objects last week.

13 April 2021

Rising diagnoses of child ADHD may be unnecessary or harmful

More kids are being diagnosed with ADHD for borderline (yet challenging) behaviours, and new research shows why that is a worry, writes Luise Kazda and authors.
13 April 2021

Profound loss of pleasure related to early-onset dementia

Sydney-led research has uncovered profound anhedonia as a key feature in early-onset dementia, with grey-matter deterioration in the so-called pleasure system of the brain, suggesting a possible treatment target.
13 April 2021

Student's physics homework picked up by Amazon quantum researchers

A simple yet elegant change to code studied for more than 20 years could shorten timeline to achieve scalable quantum computation and has attracted the attention of quantum computing programs at Amazon Web Services and Yale University.
12 April 2021

Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication

New analysis from the Lambert Initiative defines durations of impairment after inhaled or oral THC doses. Findings raise questions about current drug-driving laws, which penalise for THC presence, not intoxication levels.