23 September 2021

Sydney student tackles master's degree from home in Delhi slum

Tushar Joshi has won the Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship, commencing a Master of International Relations. Due to COVID-19, he is studying remotely from the one-room home he shares with his family of four.
22 September 2021

Indigenous Artists-in-Residence

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music has established the Indigenous Artists-in-Residence program, a pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to interact and collaborate with Conservatorium students and staff in the sharing of music, knowledge and culture.
21 September 2021

Prevention key to addressing mental health, substance use issues

Research carried out through a partnership between the Matilda Centre, Black Dog Institute and Everymind finds a nationally coordinated and long-term approach is required for prevention research and implementation.

21 September 2021

Australia's first national strategy for eating disorders released

Researchers have today launched a national research and translation strategy to improve early identification and treatment, and even help prevent eating disorders.
21 September 2021

What does the US-EU methane pact mean for Australia?

Professor Jun Huang and Dr Shenlong Zhao from the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering comment on the joint US-EU methane reduction pact and what it could mean for Australia.
21 September 2021

Natalka Suchowerska awarded honorary membership of ESTRO

Associate Professor Natalka Suchowerska has received the European Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology honorary membership award for her achievements in innovation in the field of radiation oncology.
21 September 2021

First Peoples arts company shares unique insights with students

Moogahlin Performing Arts, the renowned Sydney First Peoples arts company, is in residence in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies enabling students to observe the process of fine-tuning a script with actors.
20 September 2021

Male seahorses develop placentas to support their growing babies

Male seahorses incubate their embryos inside a pouch and, until now, it was unclear how embryos breathed inside this closed structure. A new study examines how pregnant male seahorses provide oxygen to, and remove carbon dioxide from, their embryos.
17 September 2021

Brighten your day with these 10 positive stories

Hanging out for some good news? Here are 10 positive news stories you might have missed that could brighten your outlook this weekend.
15 September 2021

Aiming for 10,000 steps? It turns out 7,000 could be enough to cut your risk of early death

There are many health benefits associated with walking for exercise. Dr Matthew Ahmadi writes on the benefits of stepping up for health, and how to make every step count.