28 February 2023

How to perfect your prompt writing for AI generators

Prompt engineering is essential for unlocking generative AI's capabilities, and luckily it isn't a technical skill, writes Dr Marcel Scharth from the University of Sydney Business School.
28 February 2023

How ChatGPT can be used at uni to save time and improve learning

University of Sydney academics with expertise in education, educational technologies and writing explore how ChatGPT technology, a form of generative AI software, can be utilised by both teachers and students to improve learning, teaching and assessment.
27 February 2023

Industry collaborations progress research in advanced imaging and vaccination

University of Sydney researchers involved in successful Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) grants to advance image guided cancer surgery and develop a needle-free COVID-19 vaccine.
27 February 2023

University announces proposed energy hub with Spark Renewables

Spark Renewables has been selected by the University of Sydney to investigate and develop a hybrid renewable energy facility on the University's Arthursleigh property.
24 February 2023

Working women more educated but not more respected

Young Australian women are still fighting for equal pay, respect and opportunities in the workforce, according to a new report from the University of Sydney and the Australian National University.
24 February 2023

Science can prevent extinctions for species on the brink of death

New research examining the perilous state of dying species calls for urgent international conservation efforts to develop unified management plans that could help plants and animals return from the brink of extinction. 

23 February 2023

Two outstanding teachers receive national recognition

Two University of Sydney academics have been awarded citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning in the 2022 Australian Awards for University Teaching.

22 February 2023

Parents are unintentionally heating up prams: here's what you need to know

A University of Sydney study finds common strategies used to protect infants from the heat can warm up a pram by almost 4 degrees Celsius. The researchers recommend new strategies to keep infants cool as temperatures soar.
22 February 2023

How a TV series is making people pay attention to deadly fungal infections

The television series 'The Last of Us' describes a world after a fungal pandemic and it may be science fiction, but researchers have been warning about the threat of deadly fungal infections to public health for years, writes Associate Professor Justin Beardsley.
21 February 2023

Deborah Cheetham Fraillon joins Sydney Conservatorium of Music

The Sydney Conservatorium of Music welcomes renowned First Nations soprano, musician, composer and educator Deborah Cheetham Fraillon as the inaugural Elizabeth Todd Chair of Vocal Studies. She will commence as Professor of Practice (Vocal Studies) in February 2023.