18 April 2023

Spin-off developing oral insulin receives commercial backing

Technology aims to enable needle-free insulin delivery for children with Type 1 diabetes.
17 April 2023

New book shines a light on migrant worker rights

A new book, written by Associate Professor Anna Boucher, examines migrant exploitation experiences in major immigration countries, with a view to understanding how best to safeguard vulnerable migrant workers in Australia and internationally.
14 April 2023

Fungi makes meal of hard to recycle plastic

Polypropylene, a hard to recycle plastic, has successfully been biodegraded by two strains of fungi in a new experiment led by researchers at the University of Sydney.
12 April 2023

Can all-out war be averted in the Middle East?

Senior Lecturer Dr Eyal Mayroz from the Discipline of Sociology and Criminology examines whether full scale war can be avoided in the Middle East, following the eruption of tensions during one of the holiest times of the year for both Jews and Muslims.
12 April 2023

Scientists build human lungs in a dish to test medicines

Scientists have developed a step-by-step blueprint to create advanced human lung models in the lab, which they say will accelerate the discovery and development of new drugs and reduce reliance on animal testing.
11 April 2023

How female 'eclipse chasers' contributed to science in Australia

Dr Toner Stevenson from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences writes about the forgotten history of late 19th century women and their contributions to astronomy.
06 April 2023

What role can Passover play in the cause for animal liberation?

Professor Danielle Celemajer, Deputy Director of the Sydney Environment Institute, explores how the Jewish Passover seder might help us approach the momentous challenge of animal liberation.
05 April 2023

Rising prices hurt public confidence in transport

Public confidence in transport has dropped significantly in the first quarter of 2023 to the lowest levels in five years, according to the latest report from the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) at the University of Sydney Business School.
05 April 2023

Sydney supports extension of educational equity program in schools

The University of Sydney is supporting edtech provider Janison to deliver 5000 free student benchmarking tests to regional, remote and Indigenous schools over the next two years.
05 April 2023

University of Sydney excels in employer satisfaction survey

University of Sydney graduates ranked highest in the country for their adaptive skills in the 2022 Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) - the largest of its kind in Australia.