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08 December 2023

Students' AI-powered farming tool tops world's largest tech-for-good challenge

An AI-powered tool to help farmers naturally rehabilitate contaminated soil has been declared the 2023 Call for Code Global Challenge University winner - taking home a $US50,000 ($A75,500) prize for the University of Sydney Business School students behind it.
22 November 2023

Should OpenAI's board have fired Sam Altman?

OpenAI's board is facing backlash for firing CEO Sam Altman - but it's good it had the power to, writes Dr Joanne Gray, Lecturer in Media and Communications. She argues big tech companies could benefit from more accountability.
20 November 2023

Not too late to innovate on gig economy regulation

Expert suggests industry self-regulation could produce more sustainable outcomes.
16 November 2023

The power of stories to help or hinder progress

Humanity has always been driven by stories, and their power in a post-truth world will be the topic of exploration for the 2023 Cleveringa Address, to be held at the University of Sydney Business School on Monday 27 November.
08 November 2023

Sydney researchers lauded as national leaders

The Australian's 2024 Research Magazine ranks the University of Sydney and its researchers as number one nationally across a range of research fields.
08 November 2023

Workplace protections needed for menstruation and menopause

Consideration for menstruation and menopause needs to be included in our understanding of the right to work, according to new research from the University of Sydney Business School.
06 November 2023

AI chatbots are coming to your workplace but are not necessarily coming for your job

Don't think of your AI chatbot as an omniscient artificial brain, but as a gifted graduate student assigned to be your personal work assistant, write Professor Kai Riemer and Dr Sandra Peter.
03 November 2023

Sydney academics awarded prestigious ARC Grants

University of Sydney academics have been awarded more than $24 million in funding for 42 new research projects, spanning accessible playgrounds for children with vision impairments, attracting and retaining quality teachers in early education, and developing facilities to improve renewable technology.
01 November 2023

Huge crypto study finds high risk doesn't equal reward

A study of more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies between 2015 to 2022 has found that high-risk cryptocurrencies generally underperform their low-risk counterparts.
26 October 2023

Facing up to AI

It is hard to know all the changes artificial intelligence (AI) will bring to the world, but they'll no doubt be dramatic. The enormity of it all means AI can seem cold and intimidating, but that might change when it has a human-like face.