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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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08 November 2022

Study confirms that processed foods key to rising obesity 

The modern palate's preference for highly processed and refined foods over a protein-rich diet is a key contributor to the high obesity rates in the Western world. 

07 November 2022

A technologically advanced society is choosing to destroy itself

Professor Christopher Wright from the Business School examines how we reached the point that inaction seems inevitable in the face of disaster.
04 November 2022

Professor Elizabeth New wins AFR Emerging Leader award

The University of Sydney has been recognised in the Australian Financial Review Higher Education Awards 2022 - winning the Emerging Leader category and reaching the finals in Employability and Research Commercialisation.

27 October 2022

Environment now the greatest concern for business leaders

A new report built on findings from a survey of 4,206 professionals across 75 countries has revealed that the environment is the single greatest concern facing modern-day business leaders, overtaking technological advancement.

27 October 2022

Scientists warn of Earth's unequivocal climate emergency

Earth's vital signs have deteriorated to the point humanity is "unequivocally" facing a climate emergency, an international coalition of researchers warns in a report published today.

24 October 2022

Scientists manufacture 'living blood vessel'

Research led by the University of Sydney has developed a material that mimics the complex structure of naturally occurring blood vessels.
20 October 2022

Interviewing vulnerable suspects

Dr Celine van Golde's new book, Interviewing Vulnerable Suspects, provides police and others working in the criminal justice system with guidelines for identifying and accommodating vulnerable suspects.

19 October 2022

Unravelling the mystery of green doughnuts on the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists have systematically mapped and sampled 'green doughnuts' for the first time since the seascape lurking at the bottom of the Great Barrier Reef was discovered in the 1970s - revealing an ecosystem teeming with life.
13 October 2022

Prioritising protein during perimenopause may ward off weight gain

Minor adjustments to the balance of macronutrients in a woman's daily diet during the transition to menopause could lessen or even prevent weight gain and lean tissue loss, according to researchers from the University of Sydney's Charles Perkins Centre.
13 October 2022

Baffling 'spiderweb' star not an 'alien megastructure'

A distant star - ringed by geometric ripples and captured by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in July - has baffled astronomers, and triggered frenzied internet speculation it might be evidence of an alien megastructure.