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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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04 April 2022

When floodwaters recede, where do they go?

University of Sydney researchers have discovered water-storing aquifers that perform a natural balancing act: they absorb water during floods and supply water during drought. Yet human intervention is limiting their function.
30 March 2022

Sydney experts respond to 2022 Budget

University of Sydney academics in housing and planning, work and organisational studies, aged care and health respond to the Federal Budget that was delivered last night.

25 March 2022

Global warming speeds up currents in the ocean's abyss

University of Sydney scientists have used the geological record of the deep sea to discover that past global warming has sped up deep ocean circulation. This is one of the missing links for predicting how future climate change may affect heat and carbon capture by the oceans.
25 March 2022

School strike for climate: why are students still striking?

Dr Blanche Verlie, a climate sociologist says schools are failing to provide students with climate education. So, what do the kids do? To learn about climate action, they're taking to the street.
23 March 2022

What helps rescued wildlife stay alive?

Five factors, including human activity such as road accidents, affect the survival of injured or displaced wildlife, a comprehensive review finds.
22 March 2022

Sydney road networks could influence COVID spread, study shows

All roads lead to COVID, but some are more susceptible than others, a world-first study by Australian researchers has revealed.
18 March 2022

Net Zero Initiative to accelerate decarbonisation agenda

The Net Zero Initiative harnesses the University's research expertise to develop new technologies and systems to support the world's decarbonisation.
16 March 2022

Staying alive, Arabian oryx style

The DNA of an an antelope that was hunted almost to extinction has been decoded, paving the way for further conservation efforts.
15 March 2022

Dr Roderick Kater named Honorary Fellow of the University

Dr Roderick Kater, a gastroenterologist with a passion for sustainable agriculture and food production, has been named an Honorary Fellow of the University in recognition of his extraordinary contribution over many years.
10 March 2022

Academy of Science honours Sydney researcher

Professor Steve Simpson from the Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Science has been awarded the prestigious MacFarlane Burnet Medal and Lecture by the Australian Academy of Science, the country's premier scientific association.