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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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16 June 2020

India's leadership for good starts here

The University of Sydney's scholarship program to discover India's future visionary leaders, is one of the most generous scholarship programs available to Indian students offered by an Australian university.
15 June 2020

Great white shark diet surprises scientists

The idea of a dorsal fin above the water signifying shark feeding might not be very accurate, says PhD student Richard Grainger, who has found that these predators spend a lot of time feeding at the seafloor.
12 June 2020

Could we run out of sand? Scientists adjust how grains are measured

Not all sand is the same, but scientists have been using one model to measure how all sand flows. Geoscientists have now developed new mathematical equations that will help engineers manage coastline susceptible to the effects of climate change.
11 June 2020

Essential components of dietary restriction revealed

New research provides insights into the roles of essential amino acids in metabolic health.
11 June 2020

Why our hearts fail: new research

Australian researchers have made several new heart failure discoveries in an innovative world-first project examining cryo-preserved human hearts, procured after transplantation, in the Sydney Heart Bank.
05 June 2020

Marine Studies Institute marks World Oceans Day

In recognition of the United Nations World Oceans Day on 8 June, we dive in to the research and international contributions of our University of Sydney Marine Studies Institute.
04 June 2020

5 tips for spotting amazing wildlife in the city

Slow down, pay attention and notice a world of natural activity around you. The Urban Field Naturalist Project invites you to look for wildlife in the city and share photos and stories with others.
04 June 2020

Could manufacturing aid Australia's economic recovery?

Following a federal government call for the reignition of domestic industrial activity, University of Sydney experts comment on the role of advanced manufacturing and boosting the digital workforce in Australia's post-coronavirus economy.
02 June 2020

Winter time could be COVID-19 time

Study shows we could be facing increased risks in winter months when humidity is low. New research in Veterinary Science has found a link between COVID-19 and lower humidity. Vigilance must be maintained.
01 June 2020

Forget 'murder hornets', European wasps are beheading Aussie flies

Invasive European wasps have been captured ruthlessly competing over carcasses, including decapitating blowflies and bullying dingoes.