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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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10 March 2022

Academy of Science honours Sydney researcher

Professor Steve Simpson from the Charles Perkins Centre and Faculty of Science has been awarded the prestigious MacFarlane Burnet Medal and Lecture by the Australian Academy of Science, the country's premier scientific association.
28 February 2022

More resilient Aussie wheat needed as climate change heats up

University of Sydney researchers tested wheat in heat and carbon-intense conditions that replicate future climate change and found that many common varieties produce fewer grains - a wake up call for growers nationwide.
25 February 2022

A Colombian-Australian with a border collie walks into a vet

A new generation of Australian veterinarians will be trained in diversity and inclusivity, thanks to a world-first cultural competence guide for the profession developed by University of Sydney experts.
23 February 2022

Wildfires projected to grow by 50 percent, but governments are ill-prepared

Within the next 80 years, wildfires will become much more prevalent and severe globally. A new UN-commissioned report co-authored and co-edited by a University of Sydney professor sheds light on this and offers suggestions for prevention.

23 February 2022

Discovery of new Hendra virus variant example of being proactive on emerging diseases

University of Sydney-led research has uncovered an unrecognised variant of the Hendra virus, prompting re-evaluation of spillover risk from horses and their carers to other humans.
22 February 2022

What makes Australian muster dogs unique?

Muster dogs are agile endurance athletes, able to work long hours in very hot conditions. During peak times, working kelpies have been recorded travelling more than 60km in a single work day.

21 February 2022

Superhero substance used in new bone implants to combat infection

Led by the University of Sydney, an international team has developed a new kind of bone implant that reduces the chance of infection, and therefore significantly decreases implant failure rates. In Australia, a fifth of conventional hip and knee replacements fail after 10 years.
15 February 2022

The strange mechanics of pregnancy in one Australian shark

Biologists have long been fascinated by reproductive diversity in sharks, but haven't yet figured out why some sharks have placentas and others don't.
11 February 2022

Endangered delicacy: tropical sea cucumbers in trouble

Researchers are calling for better protection of tropical sea cucumbers in the Great Barrier Reef whose numbers are dwindling due to persistent and increasing overharvesting.

03 February 2022

Using radar to monitor burn victims and babies? It's now possible

University of Sydney scientists have achieved a technology breakthrough with potentially life-saving applications - all using an improved version of radar.