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21 June 2023

Missing Titanic sub: what could have gone wrong?

Professor Stefan Williams from the Australian Centre for Field Robotics explains how submersibles work, how they communicate and what might have gone wrong for the Titan, the crewed submersible vessel which has gone missing near the Titanic shipwreck.
21 June 2023

Is leaving dog poo in the street really so bad? The science says it's even worse than you think

What's that smell? Is that what you think it is? You check your shoes and, sure enough, one is adorned with a sticky, foul-smelling patty of fresh wrongness. You have stepped in a landmine of the canine variety.
16 June 2023

Scientists discover spiral-shaped signals that organise brain activity

University of Sydney and Fudan University scientists have discovered human brain signals travelling across the outer layer of neural tissue that naturally arrange themselves to resemble swirling spirals.
09 June 2023

Medicinal cannabis is a 'life-changing treatment' for people with Tourette syndrome

Australian researchers have published the first robust clinical study proving that medicinal cannabis effectively treats the debilitating effects of Tourette syndrome.
08 June 2023

Preserve ocean health to preserve human health: a call for action

Researchers from universities and conservation groups across the globe have published new insights, based on evidence gathered from across the world, affirming that human health depends on thriving oceans.
08 June 2023

New DNA testing shatters 'wild dog' myth: most dingoes are pure

For decades, crossbreeding between dingoes and dogs has been considered the greatest threat to dingo conservation. Previous DNA studies suggested pure dingoes were virtually extinct in Victoria and New South Wales.
06 June 2023

Patients with unmet mental health needs are turning to medicinal cannabis

New research shows Australian healthcare practitioners are often prescribing medicinal cannabis for psychiatric conditions where the evidence for effectiveness is unclear.
05 June 2023

Sydney invests in Australia's research future with innovative fellowship scheme

An unprecedented investment by the University will support up to 40 new continuing positions, empowering the world's most talented emerging researchers to undertake innovative research to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.
02 June 2023

New "designer" titanium alloys made using 3D printing

A team of researchers co-led by Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure) Professor Simon Ringer has created a new class of strong titanium alloys by integrating alloy and 3D printing process designs.
01 June 2023

Our brain shape influences how it works, landmark study finds

How brain activity resonates across and through its architecture could be more important than connections between neurons. The new research in Nature could mean studying the brain to understand its role in health is more straightforward.