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Researchers wearing a cleanroom suit working in a cleanroom

Our staff

Meet the team

Our experts help you get the most from our state–of-the-art tools and processing. 


Profile photo of Simon Fleming

Professor Simon Fleming
Academic Director

Simon is the Academic Director and Deputy Director of the ANFF-NSW Node. Simon's background is in photonics, focusing mainly on optical fibre, spanning from materials and fabrication through to devices.

Profile photo of Nadia Court

Dr Nadia Court
Technical Director

Nadia is the Technical Director and her areas of expertise include nanofabrication and thin film deposition.

Operations team

Profile Photo of Dolores Dunn

Dolores Dunn
Senior Administration Officer

Dolores is responsible for purchasing, event management, and general administration.

Profile Photo of Julie Miller

Julie Miller
Business Manager

Julie is responsible for implementing a variety of business systems in the facility, as well as stakeholder management.

Profile Photo of Isabel Prone

Isabel Prone
Operations / Administration Manager

Isabel is responsible for marketing, communications, and finance. Her background is in public health, clinical trials, and research support.

Profile Photo of Rex Wang

Rex Wang
Business Process Administrator

Rex is responsible for identifying, designing, and analysing business processes, procedures and work practices. He is skilled in data analytics, data visualisation and business process management. He has a Master of Commerce (MCom) degree focused in big data in business, business analytics and business information systems from University of Sydney.

Process Engineer team

Profile photo of Justin Digweed

Justin Digweed 
Technical Officer: Fibre Fabrication

Justin manages the polymer fibre facility and the prototyping lab. He has expertise in fibre fabrication and all aspects of technical support.

Profile Photo of Goran Edvell

Lars Goran Edvell
Senior Process Engineer: Advanced FBG Facility

Goran Edvell has 20+ years of experience in the photonics industry with special interest in R&D, design, and manufacturing of application specific Fibre Bragg Gratings. Goran has a MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden.

Profile Photo of Jacky He

Jacky He
Cleanroom Technical Officer

Jacky is responsible for the photomask fabrication facility and has expertise in a variety of nanofabrication techniques. As Cleanroom Technical Officer, he has expertise in CAD Design, photomask fabrication, photolithography, deposition, and process engineering support.

Profile Photo Jason Hwang

Dr Jason Hwang
Senior Process Engineer: Quantum Technologies

Jason has expertise in nanofabrication of quantum electronic devices, particularly in electron beam lithography, metal deposition, and liftoff. He completed a PhD at UNSW where he focused on building silicon CMOS quantum devices for spin-based quantum computing. As Process Engineer: Nanofabrication, he is responsible for various tools including electron beam lithography, SEM, ellipsometer, ALD, and RIE.

Profile Photo of Ethel Ilagen

Ethel Ilagan
Process Engineer: Optical Lithography

Ethel has extensive experience in photolithography, as well expertise in wet processing and microfluidic fabrication. As Process Engineer: Optical Lithography, she is responsible for the photolithography tools.

Profile Photo of Liguo Luo

Dr Liguo Luo
Senior Process Engineer: Advanced FBG Facility

Liguo has more than 20 years’ R&D, engineering, and production experience in photonics. His expertise is in photonics devices including fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs), planar lightwave circuits, and fibre lasers. He worked extensively on engineering processes for high performance and high quality FBG devices. As a senior process engineer, he is responsible for setting up and running the processes at the Advanced FBG Facility. Liguo received his PhD in Optics from Shandong University.

Profile Photo of Steve Moody

Steve Moody
Senior Technical Officer: Characterisation

Steve's expertise is in characterisation, having come to us from a role with Microscopy Australia. As Senior Technical Officer: Characterisation, he is particularly focused ion beam (cross-sectioning, manipulation, lift-out) and multi-beam nanofabrication.

Profile Photo of Gloria Qui

Dr Gloria Qiu
Senior Process Engineer

Gloria received her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Houston, USA. Her expertise is in magnetic thin film deposition and nanostructure patterning for bit-patterned media application. She has also worked extensively on magnetic biosensors. As Senior Process Engineer, Gloria is responsible for the deposition and dry etching tools.

Engineering team

Profile Photo of Nelson Briones

Nelson Briones
Cleanroom Equipment Engineer

Nelson has expertise in high vacuum systems, electronics, and facilities management. As Cleanroom Equipment Engineer, he is responsible for equipment maintenance, electronics, mechanics, managing hazardous materials, and coding for our security systems.

Research & Prototype Foundry

  • Sydney Nanoscience Hub – Research wing (Building A31) Physics Road The University of Sydney NSW 2006