Meet a Mathematician

Have one of our maths researchers take over your classroom
Book in for a one hour virtual visit from one of our mathematics researchers and discover maths puzzles, career tips and have the chance to ask them anything.

This virtual visit with a mathematician includes:

  • Introduction to careers with mathematics
  • Overview of researcher’s field of expertise
  • Q&A session on HSC and ATAR tips, University, careers – anything!
  • Hands-on puzzles for students to do in real time

What is it like to Meet a Mathematician?

Hear from the past participating schools about their experience meeting a Mathematician virtually.

"The format definitely suited our class, the content was interesting, and the difficulty level and the balance between the amount of talking and hands-on activities was spot on."

- Year 10 teacher, NSW

"We really enjoyed the program. The puzzle you ran with the students was excellent. The level of difficulty was appropriate and the format of the hour was just right."

- Year 10 Teacher

"The feedback I have received from the students has been very positive and we would be keen to book in again."

- Year 10 teacher, rural NSW

Image: Meet a mathematician program

"Our Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 students had one of the University of Sydney researchers take over their classroom and they had an awesome time. Hopefully with this initiative, more students will pick mathematics in the university and enjoy mathematics in the process."

- Year 12 teacher and Faculty Head Mathematics, NSW


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Meet a Mathematician contact

Martine Illing-Kelly

Senior Science Communicator for Mathematics and Statistics