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23 May 2024

How Natalie turned her passion for sustainability into a successful career

Natalie shares how her passion for the environment and desire to make an impact led her to make a career change into the sustainability sector.
08 May 2024

Sydney a logical choice for $10 million grant to suppress quantum errors

University of Sydney one of four research institutions globally funded in IARPA program to work on quantum error correction methods aimed at drastically improving quantum technology.
01 May 2024

How evolving landscapes impacted First Peoples' migration to Australia

For the first time, dynamic modelling of terrain has helped us better understand how humans first travelled across the continent of Sahul between 35,000 and 70,000 years ago.
01 May 2024

Tsetse fly protein provides anti-clotting agent with its own on-off switch

A completely novel way to develop 'surpamolecules' for drug discovery could have application in immunotherapy as well as this breakthrough design for an anticoagulant with on-demand reversibility.
29 April 2024

University of Sydney awarded $18.4 million for national quantum centre

A national centre of innovation and collaboration led by the University of Sydney aims to unlock quantum's potential.
29 April 2024

$4.5 million for koala care announced

The University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science's Camden campus will be the site for the NSW Government's new koala care centre. With $4.5 million in new funding, the facility will be part of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Hospital.
16 April 2024

Ghost roads in South-East Asia speed nature's destruction

Unauthorised road building in tropical forests is accelerating habitat destruction. Professor Josh Cinner, with colleagues from James Cook University, found that there were up to six times more actual roads than those recorded in official datasets.
11 April 2024

Net Zero course to equip business leaders ahead of mandatory climate reporting deadline

The transition to net zero is the great challenge of this century, and more support is now available for businesses preparing for new climate reporting requirements.
10 April 2024

A once-dormant magnetic neutron star is emitting strangely polarised light

Magnetars are neutron stars with strong magnetic fields. With CSIRO astronomers, Dr Manisha Caleb from the School of Physics has found one of the most powerful magnets discovered - XTE J1810-197 - and it doesn't quite fit existing theory.
04 April 2024

Galaxies get more chaotic as they age

Research led by Professor Scott Croom from ASTRO 3D and the School of Physics has ruled out mass and environmental factors as the main drivers of increasing galactic chaos. Data from more than 3000 galaxies has shown it is age that leads to relative 'disorganisation' in galactic structure.