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Support over the break

Find out what health, wellbeing and enrolment support is available to you during  the University closedown period from Friday 23 December to Monday 9 January.

Health and wellbeing support

Some health and wellbeing services will be unavailable during the University closedown period from Friday 23 December 2022 until Monday 9 January 2023. The primary supports available over this period are:

  • Protective Services: 02 9351 3333 (For on-campus emergencies) 
  • Mental wellbeing support line: 1300 474 065 or text 0488 884 429
  • Sonder: All international students are eligible to access Sonder, a 24/7 on demand safety and wellbeing app.
  • TalkCampus: Instant peer support for students all around the world.
  • Innowell: 24/7 on demand access to tools that assist in self-management of mental wellbeing and health, and information about how to seek help as needed.

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