Other costs

Explore other costs associated with studying: beyond tuition fees, there are several additional expenses to consider.
Relevant for: all students

The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is charged each semester to fund non-academic services and to support programs at the University.

The SSAF rates are determined by the Australian Government and set on an annual basis.

If you are a domestic student, you may be eligible to defer all or part of your SSAF through SA-HELP, a government loan scheme.

Find out more about the SSAF, including the payment schedule and how it's allocated.

Relevant for: international students

International students who apply to study onshore need to pay a non-refundable application processing fee of A$150.00. The fee covers all applications made within one year (two semesters or four research periods).

You can pay the fee by Visa or MasterCard by completing the secure online credit card payment screen at the end of the online application form; please note credit card surcharges apply.

This application processing fee needs to be paid to progress your application and undertake an admissions assessment.


You do not have to pay this fee if you are:

  • A student who is currently enrolled in or completing a course at the University of Sydney. Answer ‘yes’ in the application form to the question ‘Are you currently enrolled at the University?’ and enter your student ID number.
  • A student with a full scholarship or sponsorship. Upload a copy of your financial guarantee letter in the scholarships section of the application form.
  • An eligible applicant who has attended a recruitment event or roadshow, has provided evidence they will meet the entry requirements for their course and has a signed fee waiver form.

In each of these cases, once we've confirmed the information you've provided, we will waive the fee. Any application fee waiver is at the University’s discretion. Generally, fee waivers are not available for programs that have a quota.

Relevant for: most students

Most courses and units of study have required or recommended course materials, such as books, readers, materials and equipment.

For some courses, there may also be other additional courses costs that are substantial. For more information visit, additional course costs.

Relevant for: all students

Don't forget to budget for the costs of living, which includes things like accommodation, food and lifestyle expenses. We've put together a rough guide to living costs in Sydney.

Relevant for: international students

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for international student visa holders who are studying in Australia. The cost of your cover will depend on your circumstances and the duration of your stay. 

You will be required to pay or give evidence of your overseas student health cover when you accept your offer.

We accept a number of payment methods. Please note that credit card surcharges apply.