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Transferring students

How to change your course or transfer from another university
Have you decided to change what you are studying, or want to transfer to the University of Sydney? Find out how to transfer and apply for credit for previous study.

The following information is for undergraduate students, postgraduate students should refer to how to apply.

Change your course

Many students choose to transfer courses. If your interests have changed, if you didn't meet the admission criteria or if you didn't get the required ATAR, you may decide to transfer after completing a year of study.

You can apply to have completed units of study credited towards your new degree as a form of recognition of prior learning (RPL) so that you won't have to repeat similar units. Current University of Sydney students should refer to credit for previous study and how to change your course to learn more.

Transfer from another university

Students from other universities and colleges can transfer into most of our undergraduate degrees. Your application will be assessed based on your ATAR (or equivalent) or university results – whichever gives you the best chance of receiving an offer. Your university results will only be considered if you have completed at least one year of full-time university study (or part-time equivalent).

The University of Sydney is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) Credit Transfer Agreement. Universities of the Go8 have agreed to maximise the opportunities for student mobility between them by facilitating the transfer of credit earned at their institutions.

Much like applying straight from high school, you will need to either re-register with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) and select your course preferences or apply directly to the University. Learn more about how to apply.

Credit for previous study

If you have completed units of study at another university or higher education institution, or a qualifications from a higher education institution or vocational education and training institution (including TAFE and private providers), you may be eligible for credit so that you can graduate sooner.

If you are applying through UAC, you should apply for credit after you have accepted your offer. If you are transferring, you should apply for credit as part of your course application.

Accepting credit can change your study load, fees and course duration. This may also affect your government assistance eligibility, full-time concession benefits or your student visa. 

Check your eligibility and learn more about credit for previous study.

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