Your graduation day cheat sheet

Tips and tricks for your day in the spotlight
You've aced your studies and now it's time to enjoy the final step of your degree - your graduation. Don't quite know what to do or what to wear? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Don’t be late for a very important date

You know how terrible Sydney traffic can be, and your graduation day probably won’t be any exception. Make sure you allow plenty of time to get to campus, collect your gown (if you have hired one) and register well before the ceremony starts. Don’t forget to bring along your student or photo ID.

Wardrobe worries

For some of you, your outfit might have been months in the making – for others, perhaps not so much. Despite how under or over-prepared you are, the best piece of advice is to wear something smart, but comfortable. You’ll be walking, standing, sitting, hugging, and in all sorts of weather, so keep that in mind.

This advice covers head to toe – your shoes should be just as comfortable and practical. You’ll be walking on grass, standing in line for gowning and the marble floor in the Great Hall is a killer on your feet. Trust us. Plus, you don’t want to have your very own ‘Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs to accept her Oscar’ moment, do you?

Get gown with it

Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite part of the day: the gowns. Dressed up in those black swishy robes, there probably won’t ever be a better time to recreate your favourite Harry Potter scene, so be sure to make the most of it.

The colours on the hood of the gown indicate your degree. Some say it’s good luck to put money in the hood of the gown because that’s where medieval friars would put the money given to them when begging. You’re welcome to try that one on your parents.

No hassle with the tassel

After gowning up you’ll be wearing a trencher cap or bonnet, a staple in academic dress since the 17th century. And like everything old, it comes with its own tradition.

Before you take to the stage for your big moment, it is important that the tassel on your trencher remains on the left side when preceding to the dais to receive your testamur on stage. Once the photograph of you is complete, take a step back and salute the Chancellor (or delegate). Then turn and walk down the stairs to take your new seat with direction from the return seat usher.

Snap to it

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Be sure to make your photo a great one because it’s likely to sit proudly on your family’s mantelpiece for years to come.

The campus is known for its Instagram-worthy backdrops, but you can’t beat the classic photo opportunity inside the Quadrangle. Make sure you tag @Sydney_Uni in your graduation photos.

For those who are Snap-inclined, a special University Snapchat geofilter is also available within and around the Quadrangle on the day.

Life after graduation

Whether you are kicking on with postgraduate study or off to make your mark on the world, as a graduate you’ll forever be a part of the University community.

Don’t be a stranger – keep your details up to date so we can continue to stay in touch and let you know about the latest alumni news, events and benefits.

28 February 2018