5 ways the Learning Hub can help you succeed at university

9 June 2021
Enhance your study and boost your exam prep
Unlock your potential with the Learning Hub and make the most of a wide range of learning support and targeted guidance for your studies.

1. One stop-shop for all your study needs

We understand that the University can be a bit of a maze at times and finding support seems like an eternal search for the holy grail. This is why we would like to introduce you to a one stop-shop for all your study needs: the Learning Hub. Their newly established structure is here to help you develop academically and support you in achieving your study goals. The Learning Hub aims to make learning support easily accessible to all and completely free of charge.  

2. Dedicated learning support and guidance in academic language and learning

Whether you're looking for individual assistance on your latest assignment or you’d rather access group workshops to help you refine your thesis, they have you covered. The Learning Hub (Academic Language and Learning) is here to help you develop your academic communication, research and study skills to support your undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research (HDR) studies. They run intensive two-hour or three-hour sessions, with some specific programs running over several weeks. In these workshops, you'll develop skills in specific areas such as critical reading, research writing or developing an argument. 

Their current programs include a range of small group academic skills workshops, one-to-one consultations and peer programs.

3. Supplementary workshops and support in mathematics and statistics

You've had an amazing holiday break and semester is about to start or sometimes lessons from the start of the semester aren't the easiest to recall. You’ve now realised that your calculus and algebra have fallen a little behind. We recommend getting in touch with the Learning Hub (Mathematics), the unit specialised in all things mathematics. They provide dedicated support to ensure you feel confident in your ability in mathematics and statistics. You can also take advantage of a range of supplementary tutorials to support specific units of study or book into one of their drop-in sessions.

4. Specialised support for international students

It can sometimes feel intimidating to study in another language, where the culture is unfamiliar, and you don’t have your usual social network to rely on. The Learning Hub has created targeted peer-facilitated conversational English language programs to help you practise your English, understand the university environment and most of all, make new friends! It promises a safe environment for you to grow, learn and settle in your new university journey (plus you’ll get to meet other local and international students). We recommend checking out Speak Up! and Speak and Connect.

5. Accessible support whenever, wherever

Finally, the Learning Hub offers a wide range of online resources available for all University of Sydney students. You can access these directly online, using your Canvas details and/or Unikey. These self-study resources are here to help you whenever you need:

We understand that online learning is different and challenging, so they have made sure that all their offerings are accessible online via Zoom. The Learning Hub is here to help you deep dive into your university journey and help you achieve your study goals.

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