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Learning Hub (Mathematics)

The Learning Hub (Mathematics) provides a safe and supportive environment for students to develop the mathematical confidence and ability needed to succeed in their courses.

If you are experiencing difficulty or have concerns with understanding or applying mathematics in your courses, then we encourage you to make use of our services or to come talk to us.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Self-access resources and modules on our website and Canvas site
  • Bridging courses in mathematics and statistics
  • Workshops and supplementary tutorials
  • One-to-one individual assistance by drop-in or by appointment.

Individual consultations

We offer one-to-one individual assistance by drop-in or by appointment for help with the content, assumed knowledge, and study advice for your mathematics, statistics and related units of study. All students are welcome, but we prioritise first year units or the first unit in a degree that contains a substantive amount of mathematical or statistical content, such as calculus, linear algebra and statistics.

Our drop-in sessions are offered both on-campus and online. Our appointments are offered online by booking. For further details including session times and bookings see our Canvas site.

This service is free for students enrolled at the University.

Workshops and supplementary tutorials

We run workshops throughout the year to help you revise or consolidate your understanding in various topics such as algebra and calculus.

Our supplementary tutorials provide you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and get additional help with the content of your units at a pace tailored to your needs. Our supplementary tutorials are only available for certain units of study and are advertised on our Canvas site each semester.

Registrations and further details can be found on our Canvas site. These services are free for students enrolled at the University.


Our services are available both online and on-campus.

Details for all our services including location and access can be found on our Learning Hub (Mathematics) Canvas site.

All students enrolled in one of our supported units should already have access to our Canvas site. If not, you can self-enrol in Canvas.

Last updated: 18 July 2023

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