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Learning Hub (Mathematics)

The Learning Hub (Mathematics) provides a safe and supportive environment for students to develop the mathematical confidence and ability needed to succeed in their courses.

COVID-19 update: In-person support moves online. Our online resources remain available for everyone.

Due to the University response to Covid-19, in-person classes offered by the Learning Hub (Mathematics) have been migrated to online support.

Our Learning Hub (Mathematics) learning resources, including videos and booklets, remain available to everyone to use.

If you are experiencing difficulty or have concerns with understanding or applying mathematics in your courses, then we encourage you to make use of our services or to come talk to us.

We currently offer the following services:

  • Self-access resources and modules on our website and Canvas site
  • Bridging courses in mathematics and statistics
  • Workshops and supplementary tutorials
  • Drop-in centre for individual assistance with mathematical content
  • One to one appointments for general guidance and advice.

Our services can also help with gaps in your assumed knowledge, study advice for your mathematics and statistics related units, and developing your problem solving skills.

Drop-in Centre

Our Drop-in Centre can provide individual one-to-one help with a selection of mathematics, statistics and related units of study. Due to COVID-19, the Drop-in Centre is currently closed. You can still access support through our Canvas site.

The units that we support are generally the first unit in a degree that contains a substantive amount of mathematical or statistical content, such as calculus, linear algebra and statistics. This includes all fundamental and normal units of first year mathematics courses offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics as well as units such as ENVX1002, ECMT1010, ECMT1020, PHAR1812, PSYC2012 and PUBH5018. A complete list of supported units is on our Canvas site. 

This service is free and is available if you meet eligibility requirements.


All students are welcome. We particularly want to support you if you are a first-year student or facing your first unit with substantial mathematical or statistical content.


Due to the University response to COVID-19, the Learning Hub (Mathematics) in-person classes have been migrated to online support.

All services can be accessed through our Canvas site. To access any of our online drop-in sessions and/or our online workshop classes visit the Learning Hub (Mathematics) Canvas homepage. To access these please use the links for the appropriate sessions on the Canvas site.

All students enrolled in one of our supported units should already have access to our Canvas site. If not, you can self-enrol in Canvas.

Last updated: 29 September 2021

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