New and improved Protective Services to help keep our community safe

11 August 2022
Safety on our campuses is paramount
The University has an established team to help maintain and monitor safety throughout campus. From newly improved vehicles to established safety teams in buildings, safety processes are continually being implemented.
Three blue Protective Services vehicles are parked in front of the Quad. A Protective Services staff member stands in front of each of them wearing yellow high-visibility vests.

Safety all day everyday

There is a Protective Services team who is present on campus 24/7 to help keep our community safe. They monitor security through various alarms and leveraging technology to help respond to emergencies and safety requests faster.

Safety systems are also set up in most buildings across campus, such as the Fisher Library, which are on a ‘Free Access’ system. This means you don’t need your student card during peak hours, but on weekends, when there are less people around, the buildings are placed in ‘Secure Mode’. This means you will need your student card to enter. In emergencies a building may put a building into lockdown, which means you won’t be able to gain access, leave the building or move around inside, until it is safe to do so.

Safety teams are also set up at certain buildings and locations across campus, such as the Michael Spence Building, Fisher Library and the Brain and Mind Centre, to support activities in those facilities. They can help if you’re ever feeling unsafe or if there is an emergency. The safety teams are Fire Wardens and certified to perform First Aid.

If you’re ever concerned about travelling to and from campus, particularly at night, then there is a courtesy bus which operate throughout the semester. The University has three courtesy bus routes. A free shuttle bus runs in the evenings to and from Fisher Library (Camperdown campus) and Redfern train station. It operates from 4pm–10.30pm all year, apart from weekends, public holidays and the seasonal break period over Christmas. There is also a free inter-campus bus service during semesters only from the Camperdown campus to Australia Technology Park.

You may come across Protective Services teams at key events across campus, such as Open Day, Welcome Fest, Graduation and at protests. At all times, the focus is to support the event by keeping people in and around the event safe. For example, during this year’s Semester 2 Welcome Fest safety staff helped with traffic management along Eastern Avenue so students could walk around the event safely. 

New and improved

To help make safety more accessible for you patrol vehicles have been updated with high-visibility decals to make them easier to identify, and thus more approachable if you ever need any assistance on campus. The vehicles are there to give you support and reassurance whenever you may need it. If you’re someone with mobility needs, there is also an accessible vehicle that can be used to help you move around campus.

What to do in an emergency?

If you ever find yourself, or see someone else in a dangerous life-threatening situation, ill or injured, or in a serious incident please dial Triple Zero (000) for emergency services (fire/ambulance/police).

Then, where possible:

1. Warn people of the immediate danger

2. Contain or manage the situation, if safe to do so

3. Raise the alarm by activating an 'emergency call or help point' (break glass alarm in case of fire). This will alert Protective Services.

4. Evacuate via your closest safe exit if appropriate. 

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