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What you need to know about end of semester exams

The University is working closely with ProctorU to ensure exams are in line with our academic integrity standards so students can progress in their degrees with as minimal disruption as possible.
  • The University has updated the advice site for proctored exams, to make information and advice as clear and accessible as possible. Please consult the 'get help' page if you run into trouble before, during, or after your exam. We have also added information to the exams page on the Student website which explains how exam sessions are reviewed when there isn’t a live proctor.

  • If you have technical problems or are unable to find a suitable location in which to take your exam, there are a limited number of on-campus (Camperdown) computer spaces that can be booked for timetabled exams. Please make sure you have explored all other options first as places are limited. Physical distancing will be adhered to in all on-campus spaces. Book to sit an exam on campus.

  • ProctorU have set up a new local phone number on 1800 957 152 for students to call so that if any problems do arise, they can be are addressed quickly. Be sure to take a practice sitting prior to your exam on the taking online exams site. It’s important to do this if you haven’t already, as unstable internet connections are one of the most common issues student encounter when taking online tests. The practice test will help you identify any issues so that you can fix them before your official exam.

  • The University has updated the conditions for applying for special consideration and special arrangements. If you encounter technical problems that prevent you from completing your exam, you can submit a student declaration with any available evidence. If an exam is scheduled between 10pm and 7am in your local time zone you may be eligible for a special arrangement.

  • You may have noticed new Canvas sites have appeared in your dashboard this week. These sites will host the exam, the exam instructions, and list any materials permitted during the exam. It’s a good idea to read these instructions before your exams start and check in with your coordinator if anything is unclear. If you do encounter problems during an exam, you can refer to the instructions in the exam site.

Five tips for taking ProctorU exams


Sit directly in front of the camera so that your face is in full view. Both eyes must be visible to the camera, so make sure your webcam is positioned correctly.


If you’re using a Microsoft Surface, select the front facing camera before logging into ProctorU. 


Don’t wear headphones, either wired or unwired, unless they are a permitted resource for your exam. If you want to block out background noise, use foam earplugs. 


Make sure you show your student card or government-issued ID. Accepted forms of ID are: student card, passport, Australian driver licence or Australian proof of age card. Note that for Review+ exams this is the step immediately after you are asked to take a photo.


If you experience technical difficulties that impact your process in the exam, submit a special consideration application immediately after the exam is completed.

3 June 2020

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